Sallie's dad-Alan

Wormy-Scary Voice

Wormy's mom-Catherine


Sallie is now back in college. Wormy told the principal she had been bothering him in 12th grade but Sallie's dad comes in and saves the day.


Principal: Sallie, welcome to college. Your room number is 626.

Sallie: I'm now a college student and I finally have a job.

Wormy: She kept on bothering me in 12th Grade!

Principal: I'm sorry I have to say this...

Sallie's dad (offscreen): Stop!

Wormy: Uh oh!

Sallie's dad: What do you think you're doing to my daughter?

Wormy: Holding her back to 12th grade.

Sallie's dad: Why?

Wormy: Because she kept on bothering me in 12th grade.

Sallie's dad: Well, good!

Wormy: What do you mean good, Mr. Nickerson?

Sallie's dad: Because everyone hates your closeups in your Spongebob episode! Sallie is now staying in college and you are getting held back to 12th Grade!

Principal: Wormy, you are getting sent back to 12th Grade! Go there now!

Wormy: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(at Wormy's house)

Wormy's mom: Wormy, how dare you hold back Sallie Nickerson to 12th Grade? That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded until your show is cancelled! Go to your room now!

(in college)

Sallie's dad: Sallie, I just talked to the principal and you are now ungrounded. During behavior card day, you will get the special card. Wormy, however, will get the bad card and get in dead meat. I'll see you in June.

Sallie: Thanks, you are the best. 

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