(David and Brian are climbing a mountain)

Brian: Where are you taking me?

David: Remember when the word "stewardess" became "flight attendant"?

Brian: Yeah.

David: And "secretary" became "administrative assistant"? And "maid" became "housekeeper"? And "midget" became "little person"?

Brian: Yeah, so?

(They reach the top of the mountain and see a wise old man)

David: So, this is the guy who decides all that.

William: Behold! I am William T. Wordsworth, the Word Decider!

Brian: So, how do you decide all that, Will?

William: I dunno.

Brian: Well, that seems kind of stupid.

William: "Stupid" is out! "Unintelligent" is in!

(William throws Brian and David off the mountain)

Brian: We should do something about that guy.

David: Don't be unintelligent.