(In Vienna in 1810, Ludwig van Beethoven is playing a song on his piano, which would later become known as "Fur Elise")

Man: What are you doing, Ludwig?

Beethoven: I'm trying to write this "Fur Elise" piece, but I cannot get it right and it's killing me...Ahh, what's the use? I give up.

Man: Ludwig, no! You cannot say that! Your work is beloved by all!

Ludwig: Oh, sure. They love it now, but what about in two hundred years?

Man: They will still love it.

Ludwig: No, no. I fear that only a small minority of the people will enjoy it, and it's not enough. I want the masses, the working classes, and the commoners to hear my music and know my name.

Man: They will, Ludwig! They will! I promise you that!

Ludwig: Then I shall carry on! Through the toil and the agony and the sweat and the tears! I shall produce this work as my gift to those people! May they forever savor each and every note of this, my arduous labor!

(Scene switches to the present day. Eric is sitting at a diner when he hears someone's cell phone ring. That cell phone has "Fur Elise" as its ringtone)

Dan: Yo, dude, your cell phone's ringing.

Eric: Stupid cell phones...