When Woody Goes Down Through Wonderland/Dora Gets Grounded is a story about Woody Woodpecker (1940 version) reading a book, until he is tired, and when he is sleeping, he saw a rabbit hurrying by, so Woody is caught by surprise, and thus, Woody Woodpecker falls slowly down a rabbit hole for a long time until he landed in a heap of leaves, and Woody realizes that the woodpecker is in Wonderland! and Dora got Grounded again by her parents and gets beaten up by Charles Green also known as Angry Grandpa at the end.



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(Woody Woodpecker walks on a warm August Afternoon thinking about reading a book)

Woody: Oh, after i read a very long book, i am getting so tired! i think i am taking a nap!

(Woody Woodpecker is falling sleep)

The White Rabbit: oh no, i am so late!

Woody: What? a rabbit in a coat and a pocket watch!

(Woody Woodpecker chases a rabbit to the rabbit hole)

Woody Woodpecker: Where is that rabbit? i hope he is late for a party or something! i wonder where he is going to in a different kind of a...

(Woody Woodpecker (1940 Version) screams like in Knock Knock and Cracked Nut as he plunged down a rabbit hole)

(Woody Woodpecker realizes that he is slowing down his fall, and he is floating down a rabbit hole)

Woody Woodpecker: This is quite crazy, i am floating down through the rabbit hole that seems to be a very deep well!

(As the rabbit hole get even darker, Woody Woodpecker saw a lamp pass by, Woody switches the lamp on, Woody Woodpecker realizes that he is floating down a bizzare hallway with objects like pictures, bookshelves, cupboards, and other things floated passed him)

Woody Woodpecker: This is a strange rabbit hole! i have never go down at this point this far! and i think i went through the center of the earth in a way like this!

(Woody Woodpecker took an Orange Marmalade jar from one of the shelves as he passed, and he is worried because the jar is empty, so Woody puts it back on one of the shelves)

Woody Woodpecker: I will miss my friends tonight, i wish that they are being down here with me at this point, but, i am quite tired from floating down for a long time, and the rabbit hole is getting dark again!

(The hole is dark again, and Woody Woodpecker begins to sleep again while floating down the rabbit hole, 3 hours later, Woody Woodpecker wakes up for his graceful landing on a heap of leaves)

(Woody Woodpecker lands on the heap of leaves)

Woody Woodpecker: That was a very long fall, i wish that my friends like Chilly Willy, Winnie Woodpecker, and Space Mouse had to follow me down the rabbit hole!

(Woody Woodpecker begins to run to the chamber like hall, filled with different doors of shapes and sizes)

Woody Woodpecker: Wow, this is Wonderland, the same place Alice used to go to many years ago when she was in England!

(Meanwhile with Dora, Elena, Cole, Leonor, and Abuela)

Elena: Dora, Why do you have to do this to Woody Woodpecker, you know that he has to ask Alice first before he can go down to Wonderland!

Cole: and as of right now, someone is going to give you a punishment beating, do you know who it is? I'll give you a hint, he's old, he breaks things, and he's worse than Azura

Dora: I don't want to get beaten up by Charles Michael Green!

Elena: Correct, Charles Green aka Angry Grandpa will beat you up.

Angry Grandpa: Prepare for some bleeding!

[Rotten Robbie then appears and hides Charles Green beating Dora up]

Rotten Robbie: Don't let your kids watch it!