Wheel Gator as he appears in Goanimate and Megaman X2

Evil Fanged Heavy Tank


Mega Man X2 stats:

Height: 210 cm (6'11")

Weight: 206 kg (454 lbs)

Power: 9800rp

Speed: 1800rp


Spin Wheel - Wheel Gator's primary weapon, fired from his shoulders. These bladed wheels will roll across terrain and grind through almost anything in their path. X can copy this weapon.

Surprise Attack - Wheel Gator's boss-room is filled with an oily sludge that he will occasionally submerge himself in then sneak below his enemy, leaping out and seizing the enemy in this powerful jaws.

Jaw Buster - Wheel Gator can fire buster pellets from his mouth.

Corkscrew Drive - Wheel Gator performs a vertical attack, spinning like a drill towards his enemy. This attack deals harsh damage if it hits and will also tear into the walls of the boss-room, making it dangerous for wall-climbing Reploids like X to scale them.

Voice: Young Guy

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