Warren Cook gets Grounded for Quadruple Humanity is a GoAnimate Special with the plot and transcript being created by PB&Jotterisnumber1.


  • Warren Cook ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Alan Cook ~ Voiced by Alan
  • misternintendoking
  • Vitzie629
  • Charlie Kowalski ~ Voiced by Dave
  • Shawn Brunner ~ Voiced by Steven
  • Emily Doughty ~ Voiced by Salli
  • Slippy V ~ Voiced by Professor
  • Taylor Hayes ~ Voiced by Emma
  • DavidtheAnimationGuy ~ Voiced by David
  • JosephComedian2000 ~ Voiced by Diesel
  • TheTailsGirls Jade ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • louielouie95 ~ Voiced by Eric
  • Anthonyg3281 ~ Voiced by Joey
  • Tinky Winky ~ Voiced by Paul
  • Dipsy ~ Voiced by Eric
  • Laa Laa ~ Voiced by Julie
  • Po ~ Voiced by Shy Girl
  • Calebcomedian ~ Voiced by Brian
  • BrandontheMovieGuy ~ Voiced by Eric
  • RobertCoatesAnimation ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Barney the Purple Dinosaur ~ Voiced by Kidaroo
  • Baby Bop the Green Dinosaur ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • BJ the Yellow Dinosaur ~ Voiced by Kimberly
  • Riff the Orange Dinosaur ~ Voiced by Emma
  • KawaiiSugarBunny ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur ~ Voiced by Kayla
  • SpongeBob Squarepants ~ Voiced by Kate
  • Patrick Star ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Spiderman ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Pikachu ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • Bubbles ~ Voiced by Tween Girl
  • Blossom ~ Voiced by Ivy
  • Buttercup ~ Voiced by Shy Girl
  • Mrlegofan404 ~ Voiced by Joey
  • AngryWalkthroughs
  • VideoMan1443 ~ Voiced by Steven
  • amsalley94
  • Supertimmyboy32 ~ Voiced by Eric
  • Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid)
  • Ronald Rameriez (Angry Dominican Kid)
  • TheSuperBaxter ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Billy Fletcher ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Greg ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Murray ~ Voiced by Lawrence
  • Jeff ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Anthony ~ Voiced by Eric
  • Mrs. Shaw ~ Voiced by Kate
  • Mr. Dike ~ Voiced by Simon
  • Super Patrick
  • HiddenintheBasement ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • MaxWalson2
  • Caroline0204 ~ Voiced by Diesel
  • Michael Laffey
  • KingBWings
  • Jack Sullivan
  • Joseph Slaty
  • Landon Dibbles ~ Voiced by Lawrence
  • Lucas01aswell
  • WeHateWarrenCook ~ Voiced by Paul
  • Mario ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Luigi ~ Voiced by David
  • SarahComedian1997 ~ Voiced by Kendra
  • FlemAlFlem
  • PurpatMetaKnight2000
  • Josh09ppps
  • SamLarfield ~ Voiced by Joey
  • Momo YouMookSaidTimon ~ Voiced by Salli
  • TacoComedian ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • TheHeatherFan2002
  • PB&Jotterisnumber1 (Sophie the Otter) ~ Voiced by Kayla
  • Xfactor1234 ~ Voiced by Bridget
  • Japanlover86 (Reicheru the Yokai Spirit) ~ Voiced by Misaki
  • Julia Bayne
  • Carlos Webshooter
  • 57kirbyTV
  • RocketPowerGal24 ~ Voiced by Julie
  • KodyTheGoAnimateFan2002
  • Christian Adams
  • Rainbow Dash ~ Voiced by Princess
  • Slim Wario
  • VideoGamesYes BabyShowsNo
  • 2000slv ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Arvin21359
  • Brendan Barney ~ Voiced by David
  • WigglesWorld ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Avromps1999 ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Snow Wade ~ Voiced by Belle
  • Lou Dinh
  • HeroesYes VillainsNo
  • MinecraftMan20
  • NathanDesignerBoy7 ~ Voiced by Joey
  • awildmewfromROBLOX
  • Nemo333m ~ Voiced by Alan
  • Jaxen Ross ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Drew Pickles (from Rugrats) ~ Voiced by Paul
  • StarWarsandCODFan1999
  • Phillip Psareas ~ Voiced by Liang
  • Mabuscus Chuchu
  • Charles Green (Angry Grandpa) ~ Voiced by Dallas
  • Michael Green (Pickleboy) ~ Voiced by Joey
  • Mrlegofan10 ~ Voiced by Dave
  • JSmyth7
  • Olaf the Snowman (from Frozen) ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • TheJojuan4444 ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Blue91233 ~ Voiced by Young Guy
  • Steve Burns (from Blue's Clues) ~ Voiced by David
  • Justdancingsamuel ~ Voiced by Zack
  • Wreck it Ralph ~ Voiced by Eric
  • Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) ~ Voiced by Brian
  • Queen Lanolin ~ Voiced by Belle
  • Coulden Pettit ~ Voiced by David


Sophie the Otter: "Howdy everybody! My name is Sophie the Otter. I am one of the leaders in the Anti-Warren Cook club. Come and meet all of my friends."

[Sophie's friends appear]

Misternintendoking: "I'm Misternintendoking!"

Vitzie629: "I'm Vitzie629."

Charlie Kowalski: "I'm Charlie Kowalski!"

Shawn Brunner: "I'm Shawn Brunner!"

Emily Doughty: "I'm Emily Doughty!"

Slippy V: "I'm Slippy V!"

Taylor Hayes: "I'm Taylor Hayes!"

DavidtheAnimationGuy: "I'm DavidtheAnimationGuy!"

JosephComedian2000: "I'm JosephComedian2000!"

TheTailsGirls Jade: "I'm TheTailsGirls Jade!"

Louielouie95: "I'm Louielouie95!"

Anthonyg3281: "I'm Anthonyg3281!"

Tinky Winky: "I'm Tinky Winky!"

Dipsy: "I'm Dipsy!"

Laa Laa: "I'm Laa Laa!"

Po: "And I'm Po and we are the Teletubbies!" 

Calebcomedian: "I'm Calebcomedian!"

BrandontheMovieGuy: "I'm BrandontheMovieGuy!"

RobertCoatesAnimation: "I'm RobertCoatesAnimation!"

Barney the Purple Dinosaur: "I'm Barney the Purple Dinosaur!"

Baby Bop the Green Dinosaur: "I'm Baby Bop the Green Dinosaur!"

BJ the Yellow Dinosaur: "I'm BJ the Yellow Dinosaur!"

Riff the Orange Dinosaur: "I'm Riff the Orange Dinosaur!"

KawaiiSugarbunny: "I'm KawaiiSugarbunny!"

Dorothy the Dinosaur: "I'm Dorothy the Dinosaur!"

SpongeBob Squarepants: "I'm SpongeBob Squarepants!"

Patrick Star: "I'm Patrick Star!"

Spiderman: "I'm Peter Benjamin Parker aka Spiderman!"

Pikachu: "I'm Pikachu!"

Bubbles: "I'm Bubbles!"

Blossom: "I'm Blossom!"

Buttercup: "And I'm Buttercup and we are the Powerpuff Girls!"

Mrlegofan404: "I'm Mrlegofan404!"

AngryWalkthroughs: "I'm AngryWalkthroughs!"

VideoMan1443: "I'm VideoMan1443!"

Amsalley94: "I'm Amsalley94!"

Supertimmyboy32: "I'm Supertimmyboy32!"

Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid): (speaks with stock voice clips from the AGK video as subtitles read "I'm Leopold Slikk aka The Angry German Kid!"

Ronald Rameriez (Angry Dominican Kid): (does the same as Leopold Slikk, but with stock voice clips from his own video with subtitles reading "I'm Ronald Rameriez aka The Angry Dominician Kid!")

TheSuperBaxter: "I'm SuperBaxter!"

Billy Fletcher: "I'm Billy Fletcher!"

Greg: "I'm Greg!"

Murray: "I'm Murray!"

Jeff: "I'm Jeff!"

Anthony: "And I'm Anthony and we are The Wiggles!"

Mrs. Shaw: "I'm Mrs. Shaw!"

Mr. Dike: "I'm Mr. Dike!"

Super Patrick: "I'm Super Patrick!"

HiddenintheBasement: "I'm HiddenintheBasement!"

MaxWalson2: "I'm MaxWalson2!"

Caroline0204: "I'm Caroline0204!"

Michael Laffey: "I'm Michael Laffey!"

KingBWings: "I'm KingBWings!"

Jack Sullivan: "I'm Jack Sullivan!"

Joseph Slaty: "I'm Joseph Slaty!"

Landon Dibbles: "I'm Landon Dibbles!"

Lucas01aswell: "I'm Lucas01aswell!"

WeHateWarrenCook: "I'm WeHateWarrenCook!"

Mario: "I'm Mario!"

Luigi: "I'm Luigi!"

SarahComedian1997: "I'm SarahComedian1997!"

FlemAlFlem: "I'm FlemAlFlem!"

PurpatMetaKnight2000: "I'm PurpatMetaKnight2000!"

Josh09pps: "I'm Josh09pps!"

SamLarfield: "I'm SamLarfield!"

Momo YouMookSaidTimon: "I'm Momo YouMookSaidTimon!"

TacoComedian: "I'm TacoComedian!"

TheHeatherFan2002: "I'm TheHeatherFan2002!"

Xfactor1234: "I'm Xfactor1234, or Gemma the Good Witch!"

Reicheru the Yokai Spirit (Japanlover86): "I'm Reicheru the Yokai Spirit!"

Julia Bayne: "I'm Julia Bayne!"

Carlos Webshooter: "I'm Carlos Webshooter!"

57kirbyTV: "I'm 57kirbyTV!"

RocketPowerGal24: "I'm RocketPowerGal24!"

KodytheGoAnimateFan2002: "I'm KodytheGoAnimateFan2002!"

Christian Adams: "I'm Christian Adams!"

Slim Wario: "I'm Slim Wario!"

VideoGamesYes BabyShowsNo: "I'm VideoGamesYes BabyShowsNo!"

2000slv: "I'm 2000slv!"

Arvin21359: "I'm Arvin21359!"

Brendan Barney: "I'm Brendan Barney!"

WigglesWorld: "I'm WigglesWorld!"

Avromps1999: "I'm Avromps1999!"

Snow Wade: "I'm Snow Wade!"

Lou Dinh: "I'm Lou Dinh!"

HeroesYes VillainsNo: "I'm HeroesYes VillainsNo!"

MinecraftMan20: "I'm MinecraftMan20!"

NathanDesignerBoy7: "I'm NathanDesignerBoy7!"

awildmewfromROBLOX: "I'm awildmewfromROBLOX!"

Nemo333m: "I'm Nemo333m!"

Jaxen Ross: "I'm Jaxen Ross!"

Drew Pickles: "I'm Drew Pickles from Rugrats!"

StarWarsandCODFan1999: "I'm StarWarsandCODFan1999!"

Phillip Psareas: "I'm Phillip Psareas!"

Mabuscus Chuchu: "I'm Mabuscus Chuchu!"

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa): "I'm Charles Green known as The Angry Grandpa!"

Michael Green (Pickleboy): "I'm Michael Green known as Pickleboy!"

Mrlegofan10: "I'm Mrlegofan10!"

JSmyth7: "I'm JSmyth7!"

Olaf: "I'm Olaf the Snowman from Frozen!"

TheJojuan4444: "I'm TheJojuan4444!"

Blue91233: "I'm Blue91233!"

Steve Burns: "I'm Steve Burns from Blue's Clues!"

Justdancingsamuel: "I'm Justdancingsamuel!"

Wreck It Ralph: "I'm Wreck It Ralph!"

Wallace: "I'm Wallace from Wallace and Gromit!"

Queen Lanolin: "I'm Queen Lanolin!"

Coulden Pettit: "And finally, I'm Coulden Pettit!"

Sophie the Otter: "Me and all of my friends are gonna ban Warren Cook from YouTube!"

[Meanwhile, at Warren's house, Warren walks into his room and sits at his computer. He becomes shocked as he notices a computer screen saying 'Sorry! You are banned for life! No more accounts for you!']

Warren: "Oh no! I got banned from YouTube for life!"

[Alan walks into Warren's room angry]

Alan: "Did I hear you get banned from YouTube for life?"

Warren: "Um, yes!"

Alan: "Let me take a look for a moment!"

[Warren gets off the computer and Alan sits on the chair, a couple of moments later, he becomes shocked due to the banned note on YouTube]

Alan: "Warren Cook! I can't believe you got banned from YouTube for life! That's it! You're grounded for quadruple humanity! Now I am calling Sophie the Otter and her friends to come here! They will arrive in 15 minutes outside in the backyard!"

[15 minutes later, everyone is outside]

Alan: "Warren! Look at all the visitors who want to speak to you!"

Sophie the Otter: "Warren Cook! You are grounded grounded grounded for quadruple humanity. Go to bed now!"

Misternintendoking: "Go to bed now!"

Vitzie629: "Go to bed now!"

Charlie Kowalski: "Go to bed now!"

Shawn Brunner: "Go to bed now!"

Emily Doughty: "Go to bed now!"

DavidtheAnimationGuy: "Go to bed now!"

JosephComedian2000: "Go to bed now!"

TheTailsGirls Jade: "Go to bed now!"

Louielouie95: "Go to bed now!"

Anthonyg3281: "Go to bed now!"

Tinky Winky: "Go to bed now!"

Dipsy: "Go to bed now!"

Laa Laa: "Go to bed now!"

Po: "Go to bed now!"

Calebcomedian: "Go to bed now!"

BrandontheMovieGuy: "Go to bed now!"

RobertCoatesAnimation: "Go to bed now!"

Barney the Purple Dinosaur: "Go to bed now!"

Baby Bop the Green Dinosaur: "Go to bed now!"

BJ the Yellow Dinosaur: "Go to bed now!"

Riff the Orange Dinosaur: "Go to bed now!"

KawaiiSugarbunny: "Go to bed now!"

Dorothy the Dinosaur: "Go to bed now!"

SpongeBob Squarepants: "Go to bed now!"

Patrick Star: "Go to bed now!"

Spiderman: "Go to bed now!"

Pikachu: "Go to bed now!"

Bubbles: "Go to bed now!"

Blossom: "Go to bed now!"

Buttercup: "Go to bed now!"

Mrlegofan404: "Go to bed now!"

AngryWalkthroughs: "Go to bed now!"

VideoMan1443: "Go to bed now!"

Amsalley94: "Go to bed now!"

Supertimmyboy32: "Go to bed now!"

Leopold Slikk (Angry German Kid): (speaks with stock voice clips from the AGK video as subtitles read "Go to bed now!")

Ronald Ramirez (Angry Dominican Kid): (does the same as Leopold Slikk, but with stock voice clips from his own video with subtitles reading "Go to bed now!")

TheSuperBaxter: "Go to bed now!"

Billy Fletcher: "Go to bed now!"

Greg: "Go to bed now!"

Murray: "Go to bed now!"

Jeff: "Go to bed now!"

Anthony: "Go to bed now!"

Mrs. Shaw: "Go to bed now!"

Mr. Dike: "Go to bed now!"

Super Patrick: "Go to bed now!"

HiddenintheBasement: "Go to bed now!"

MaxWalson2: "Go to bed now!"

Caroline0204: "Go to bed now!"

Michael Laffey: "Go to bed now!"

KingBWings: "Go to bed now!"

Jack Sullivan: "Go to bed now!"

Joseph Slaty: "Go to bed now!"

Landon Dibbles: "Go to bed now!"

Lucas01aswell: "Go to bed now!"

WeHateWarrenCook: "Go to bed now!"

Mario: "Go to bed now!"

Luigi: "Go to bed now!"

SarahComedian1997: "Go to bed now!"

FlemAlFlem: "Go to bed now!"

PurpatMetaKnight2000: "Go to bed now!"

Josh09pps: "Go to bed now!"

SamLarfield: "Go to bed now!"

Momo YouMookSaidTimon: "Go to bed now!"

TacoComedian: "Go to bed now!"

TheHeatherFan2002: "Go to bed now!"

Xfactor1234: "Go to bed now!"

Reicheru the Yokai Spirit: "Go to bed now!"

Julia Bayne: "Go to bed now!"

Carlos Webshooter: "Go to bed now!"

57kirbyTV: "Go to bed now!"

RocketPowerGal24: "Go to bed now!"

KodytheGoAnimateFan2002: "Go to bed now!"

Christian Adams: "Go to bed now!"

Rainbow Dash: "Go to bed now!"

Slim Wario: "Go to bed now!"

VideoGamesYes BabyShowsNo: "Go to bed now!"

2000slv: "Go to bed now!"

Arvin21359: "Go to bed now!"

Brendan Barney: "Go to bed now!"

WigglesWorld: "Go to bed now!"

Avromps1999: "Go to bed now!"

Lou Dinh: "Go to bed now!"

HeroesYes VillainsNo: "Go to bed now!"

MinecraftMan20: "Go to bed now!"

NathanDesignerBoy7: "Go to bed now!"

awildmewfromROBLOX: "Go to bed now!"

Nemo333m: "Go to bed now!"

Jaxen Ross: "Go to bed now!"

Drew Pickles: "Go to bed now!"

StarWarsandCODFan1999: "Go to bed now!"

Phillip Psareas: "Go to bed now!"

Mabuscus Chuchu: "Go to bed now!"

Charles Green (Angry Grandpa): "Go to bed now!"

Michael Green (Pickleboy): "Go to bed now!"

Mrlegofan10: "Go to bed now!"

JSmyth7: "Go to bed now!"

Olaf: "Go to bed now!"

TheJojuan4444: "Go to bed now!"

Blue91233: "Go to bed now!"

Steve Burns: "Go to bed now!"

Justdancingsamuel: "Go to bed now!"

Wreck it Ralph: "Go to bed now!"

Wallace: "Go to bed now!"

Queen Lanolin: "Go to bed now!"

Coulden Pettit: "Go to bed now!"

Warren: (running away) "This is the worst day ever!"

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