Cast Edit

  • Emma as Jazzi
  • Ivy as Foo
  • Kendra as Noodle
  • Princess as Ka-Chung
  • Jennifer as Custard
  • Shy Girl as B.B. Jammies
  • Brian as Warren Cook
  • Alan as Alan Cook
  • Young Guy as Jet the Hawk
  • Dallas the Storm the Albatross
  • Kimberly as Wave the Swallow
  • Megurine Luka as Custard's singing voice

Transcript Edit

[Warren Cook is in his room completely bored]

Warren: "Man, I'm so B to the O to the R to the E to the D! What does that spell? Bored! I know I'll get Daniel Tiger arrested and steal his The Great Mouse Detective DVD! Ha, ha, ha, HA, HA, HA, HA, ha, HA!"

[Warren Cook went outside and littered a box of cookies and several fruits on the sidewalk and hides in the bushes as Daniel Tiger walks by humming. Daniel Tiger then stops humming as he spots the box of food Warren just littered]

Daniel Tiger: "Huh? Who could have littered this box of food?!"

[3 police cars arrive and 6 police officers came out]

Chinese American Police Officer: You're under arrest for littering food on the ground!"

Daniel Tiger: "But officers! I didn't do it!"

Korean American Police Officer: "We don't care! Get in one of the police cars now!"

[Warren then sneaks into Daniel Tiger's beach house and grabs the The Great Mouse Detective on DVD and runs off with it as he laughs]

[We cut: to a maximum security prison]

African American Police Officer: "Here is your cell. Go there now."

[The prison cell then closes]

Daniel Tiger: "I can't believe I got sent to jail for the things I didn't do! Wait a minute! It was Warren Cook who got me arrested and stole my The Great Mouse Detective on DVD! I'm getting out of jail and telling my family about this terrible fiasco!"

[Daniel Tiger then breaks out of prison without hurting any guards and soldiers as he ran back to the Land of Make Believe, located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean]

Daniel Tiger: "Mom, and Dad! All of you are not gonna believe what Warren did to me!"

Dad Tiger: "What did he do to you?"

Daniel Tiger: "He got me arrested and stole my The Great Mouse Detective DVD!"

Mom and Dad Tiger: (together) "Whaaaaaaattt?!"

Mom Tiger: "Thanks for telling us, Daniel! He's in big trouble!"

Daniel Tiger: "That's right! I'm calling his parents!"

Mom Tiger: "Here's the telephone."

Daniel Tiger: "Thanks, mom."

Daniel Tiger: (in French) "Hello, Mr. Cook! You're not gonna really believe what your son was doing!"

Alan: (on phone) "What did he do to you?!"

Daniel Tiger: (in French) "Your son, Warren got me arrested and stole my Aladdin Diamond Edition Blu-ray DVD! Please ground him for me! I'm so sick of his Disney loving acts!"

Alan: (on phone with angry Kidaroo Voice) "Oh! (x18) Thanks for telling me this! The reason my voice changed to Scary Voice because I'm very furious! Warren Cook is in so much gigantic mega dead meat for this! He is gonna watch your show for all eternity!! Thanks for notifying me! Bye!"

Daniel Tiger: (in French) "You're welcome! Me, my neighbors and my friends and family will be there shortly! Bye!" (hangs up) "Come on, Mom, Margaret and Dad! Warren is in so much dead meat for this! He's gonna pay me and our neighbors lots of protection money!"

Mom and Dad Tiger: "Right!"

[We cut: to Warren on his computer laughing after watching Aladdin]

Warren: "That was a greatest movie form 1992!"

Alan: "Warren, what's so funny? Young man, what did you create and what did you do today?"

Warren: "The names of the YouTube video I uploaded are called Opening to Frozen 1996 Neon Mickey VHS. Real, NOT FAKE. And the others names are Opening to The Lion King 1990 VHS. Real, NOT FAKE!. And also I got Daniel Tiger arrested."

Alan: "Let me check it out for you for a moment."

[Warren gets off the computer and Alan sits on the chair, a couple of moments later, he becomes shocked due to the fake VHS openings and the fact Warren said got Daniel Tiger arrested]


Warren: (crying in Buzz Lightyear's voice and dancing) "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

[Alan closes Warren's YouTube account and throws away his computer]

Alan: "Stop crying and dancing at the same time like a ridiculous maniac! You're grounded grounded grounded grounded for infinity years! Also, I am calling Daniel Tiger and the others to come over here! They will be here in 1 hour outside in the backyard."

[1 hour later, everyone is outside]

Alan: "Warren. You have lots of visitors."

Daniel Tiger: "Bonjour, my name is Daniel Tiger and we're are so very fed up with what you did to me! I can't believe you got me arrested! And guess what?! The Make Believe Street Families will rage war on your Disney loving gang!"

Prince Wednesday: "Royal hello! It's me, Prince Wednesday! And we're so royally angry at you!"

Prince Tuesday: "It's me, Prince Tuesday. We're royally furious at you! I can't royally believe you got Daniel Tiger arrested!!"

Katerina Kittycat: Hi, it's me Katerina meow meow! I can't believe you stole Daniel's Great Mouse Detective DVD!!

O the Owl: Hoo, hoo! It's me O the Owl! You will watch our show for all eternity, you naughty thief!

Miss Elaina: Hello, It's me Miss Elaina! We're so angry at ya, toots! Now ya Start paying attention to our show and instead of Pocahontas and The Lion King, ya good for nothing thief!"

Astro Boy: "My name is Astro Boy. You will watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for all eternity!!"

Kimba: "It's me Kimba, the son of the great white lion Caesar! We do not approve of bullies like you, ya backstabbing murderer! You are worse than that backstabbing copycat from the West, Simba!"

Kitty: "I'm Kitty! I agree with my boyfriend! And oh, You will never watch our show right now!"

Bokko: "I'm Bokko!"

Nokko: "I'm Nokko!"

Pukko: "And I'm Pukko!"

Bokko, Nokko and Pukko: "And we are the Wonder 3, start watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!!"

Dipper: I'm dipper

mabel: I'm Mabel, AKA the pine twins, and you heard what the wonder 3 said

stanford: I'm Stanford, you will never ever ever watch our show anymore, because our show, gravity falls, is made by Disney

Igor: "My name is Igor the Mii. You lost all of your Disney privileges! You will become a Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood fan forever!"

Shauna: "I am Shauna, and I agree with my boyfriend Igor!"

Petty: I am Petty, You're my worst friend ever and make me cry every time you beat me up!

Jeff sutphen: I'm Jeff sutphen, I host that show brainsurge on 2009 to 2014 than you

Bobby: "It's me Bobby! jeff sutphen's little brother, You will be forced to watch the show, If not, Roger will scare out of you!"

Ash Ketchum: "I'm Ash Ketchum, and guess what?! You lost all of your trips to Disney stores and to Disneyland!"

Misty: "I'm Misty, and you will never watch The Lion King ever again!"

Brock: "It's me, Brock and were so angry because you stole Daniel's Great Mouse Detective DVD!"

Hongmao: I'm Hongmao! I can't believe you got Daniel Tiger arrested and stolen his Aladdin DVD! That's it you're so grounded (x10) for a year!"

Lantu: "It's me, Lantu! I agree with my best friend!"

Goku: "My name is Goku, and we're so mad at you! Me and my friends and family are going to Disneyland without you!"

Stan Marsh: "My name is Stan Marsh."

Kyle Broflovski: "I'm Kyle Broflovski."

Eric Cartman: "I'm Eric Cartman."

Kenny McCormick: "And I'm Kenny McCormick. Start liking me and my gang's series instead of Disney."

Cow: "I am Cow. If I was Supercow, you would be my worst enemy. Start watching me and my big brother's show"

Chicken: "I am Chicken and I agree with cow."

Chi-Chi: "I'm Chi-Chi and I agree with my husband and family!"

Piccolo: "It's me, Piccolo! I will slice you in half!"

Yamcha: "Yo, it's me, Yamcha! You will watch our shows and play our games!"

Parappa: "I'm Parappa and I'm gonna outrap you!"

Sonic: "I'm Sonic the Hedgehog! I can't believe you got Daniel Tiger arrested and stolen his Aladdin DVD!"

Tails: "Tails here! You better have yourself! But you didn't listen to us and you got Daniel Tiger arrested for littering food on the ground! How could you?!!"

Knuckles: "I'm Knuckles the Echidna! I'm going to hit you with my fist!"

Marine: marine here, you are so bad and we bought Dora and friends, but your worse than her and her friends

blaze: I'm blaze the cat, me and the coconut crew will not tolerate your attitude

[The Babylon Rogues appear]

Jet: "Sorry we're late, guys. I'm Jet the Hawk. You're so bad for getting Daniel Tiger arrested. I hope you and the Babylon Guardian will surrender."

Wave: "I'm Wave the Swallow. I called the Disney stores and told them that you're banned from getting anything made by Disney."

Storm: "I'm Storm the Albatross. I'll smash the toilet and burn your underwear for good since you've been wearing diapers for the rest of your life."

Kai-Lan: "I'm Kai-Lan! I'm so mad you got Daniel Tiger arrested!"

Rintoo: "It's me, Rintoo! I can't believe you got Daniel Tiger sent to jail for littering a box of food!"

Tolee: "It's me, Tolee! And we're going to Disneyland without you and we will send you straight to the audience!"

Hoho: "I'm Hoho and we will take away all of your Disney stuff and you will be sent to the audience for this fiasco!"

Linny: "I'm Linny!"

Tuck: "I'm Tuck!"

Ming Ming: "It's me, Ming Ming!"

linny, tuck and Ming Ming: and we're the wonder pets, start liking our show!

dora: I'm Dora

emma: I'm Emma

kate: I'm Kate

naiya: I'm naiya

alana: and I'm alana, you are nothing but a creep

Jenny as Exoskin: hey, I'm Jenny as exoskin, and i will not tolerate your actions

brad carbunkle: I'm Brad carbunkle

sheldon lee: I'm sheldon lee

tuck carbunkle: and I'm tuck carbunkle, and we're going to Disneyland without you

bambi: I'm bambi, I can't believe you watched my movie! And your the one who killed my mommy

pinocchio: ciao, I'm pinocchio, you will not watch my movie again

Simba: "Habari, I'm Simba! I can't believe you watched my movie! You are so dead for this, you good for nothing freak!"

Nala: "It's me, Nala and I agree with my boyfriend, Simba! You will never ever ever ever watch our movie again and never ever ever EVER, The Lion Guard when it comes out on Disney Junior and on the Disney Channel in 2015, which is two years from now!"

Claude Speed: "I'm Claude Speed from Grand Theft Auto 3, and guess what? All of your Disney stuff will belong to me as well! Did you know that I watched The Lion King in theaters back in 1994 at age 17?!"

Tommy Vercetti: It's me, Tommy Vercetti! Start liking our franchise!

Carl Johnson: It's me, Carl Johnson or "CJ" for short! I heard that you started the Los Santos Riots back in 1992 and you are related to the Ballas gang and Officer Tenpenny! You will start building 3 story houses with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms for the members of the Grove Street Families!

Huang Lee: I'm Huang Lee from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars! You're the one who killed my father back in Kowloon!

Luis Lopez: It is me, Luis Lopez from Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, and you will play and like the Grand Theft Auto franchise!

Red Bird: (in squawks) "This is me Red Bird, me and the other birds dislike you."

Daggett: "I am Daggett Beaver and this is Norbert. And we are not to be confused with the other birds that they are so angry."

Henry: hi, warren, I'm henry

june: and i'm June, and this is the digital leaders, start liking us instead of Disney, because we're still wearin swimsuits from the episode holdeth the pickle holdeth the lettuce and... WE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU MAKING FUN OF US SWIMMING IN THE LAKE!

Trevor Phillips: "I'm Trevor Phillips, and you are related to one of my family members, Sid Phillips for Toy Story! You will be sorry!"

Michael De Santa: "I'm Michael De Santa! Start liking our franchise, or else!!"

Franklin Clinton: "Hey yo, Warren! It's me, Franklin Clinton! The Grove Street Families and I are gonna raid your Disney storage buildings and confiscate all of your Disney stuff!"

Lance Vance: "It's me, Lance Vance from Vice City! You are in so much dead meat for this!"

Toni Cipriani: "It's me, Toni Cipriani from Liberty City Stories and you will be sorry! You lost all of your privileges to Disney things!"

Patty Rabbit: "It's me, Patty Rabbit! You are in so much trouble for getting Daniel Tiger arrested!"

Bobby Bear: "I am Bobby J. Bear! You need to learn some strict lessons, fellow!"

Roobear Koala: "It is me, Roobear. You don't bully nice people like that! You know better!"

Laura Koala: "I'm Roobear's sister, and my name is Laura! I don't want you Spilling on my dresses, because if you do, i'll be in the point to cry, and for this, I am not going to have so much fun with you anymore because you got Daniel Tiger arrested!!"

Peanut: "I'm Peanut Otter! You're nothing but a Disney loving monster!"

Baby Butter: "Me Butter! You Tewibble!" (Translation: "I'm Butter. You're terrible!")

Jelly: "I am Jelly and you will never watch our show! Why? Because it's made by Disney!"

Sophie: "My name is Sophie the Otter. Don't even think about picking on my cousin Peanut. If you do, you will be sent to outer space!"

Munchy: "I'm Munchy! Your acts make me munch on a zillions of wood!"

Flick: "I am Flick! Cheese and Quackers! I don't want you in Lake Hoohaw forever and ever and ever and ever!"

Pinch: "I'm Pinch Raccoon! Just Stop forcing me to like boys' things at all! But Don't you know that I'm also into Sailor Moon, Disney Fairies and Disney Princess!"

shally: I'm Shally

natuski: I'm Natuski

sasha: I'm Sasha

Pompi kate: and I'm pompi kate

shally, Natuski, Sasha and pompi kate: and we're friendship club, if you give us any Disney DVDs, we'll scream to death

Floppy: "I'm Floppy! Mimi and I will not tolerate your actions!!"

Mimi: "I am Mimi, and my brother's right!"

Nick: "My name's Nick Penguin! You will live under the ocean until you die!"

Pamie: "I'm Pamie! I am very very very mad at you for what you've done!"

Mingle: "I'm Mingle! I really hate it when you tease me!"


Stimpy: "The name's Stimpy. You ain't nice, Warren Cook."

Ickis: I'm ickis, say goodbye to your Disney stuff

krumm: I'm krumm, and you smell worse than my pits!

Oblina: I'm oblina, if I was a little girl, I would go to a Disney hotel without you

Serena Tsukino: "I'm Serena from Sailor Moon! Start watching magical girl shows including my show from now on!!

Ed: "Ed is here! No fun for you mister meanie!"

Edd: "My name is Eddward, and your misbehavior has gone beyond too far, young man!"

Eddy: "I'm Eddy! My scams are a million kazillion times better than your scams, idiot!"

Mike Mazinsky: "I am Mike Mazinsky, not to be confused with a Disney character whose movie we are denying from watching, Not only that you will be watching me and my companions series, hope you behave yourself and not call me by my real name Michelene."

princess lu: I'm princess lu, the turtle pays

og: I'm Og, and I agree with Mike and lu

Luna: "I'm Luna Minami. I'm so super mad you got Daniel Tiger arrested!"

Jazzi: "Lastly, I'm Jazzi. I heard that you got Daniel Tiger arrested."

Foo: "I'm Foo. Your Disney stuff will be donated to the Save-Um Central!"

Noodle: "I'm Noodle. Getting Daniel Tiger arrested has got to be one of the worst things you had ever done!"

Ka-Chung: "I'm Ka-Chung. That was so stupid of you to arrest Daniel Tiger!"

Custard: "I'm Custard. Arresting Daniel Tiger is not cool. If you do that for me, (close-up shot of his eye) I'll slice you up (close-up shot of his mouth) because it could smash your skull!"

B.B. Jammies: "Me B.B. Jammies. You bad!"

Astro Boy: "This means no Disney related things, no Disney shows, no Disney movies, no Disney toys, no Disney foods, no Disney books, no Disney clothes, no Festival of the Lion King, no Disney music, no Disney video games, no Disney on Ice, no Disney Live, no computer, no YouTube, and no fake VHS stuff!"

Kimba: "You will never ever ever ever see Frozen when it comes out ever again!"

Tolee: "The only things you can eat and drink from now on are healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, baby bottles of milk, water and baby food!"

Goku: "You will also be forced to watch children's shows not made by Disney like Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Hakken Taiken Daisuki! Shimajirō, Shimajirō Hesoka and Shimajirō: A World of Wow!"

Daniel Tiger: "Goku's right! You will be forced to watch my show every single day for the rest of your life! You will do community service in my neighborhood and you will celebrate Fred Roger's birthday every single year on March 20! You will watch Mister Roger's Neighborhood everyday to continue Fred Roger's legacy! You will also go to the Fred Roger's Memorial in Pittsburgh, where my show was created by the Fred Rogers Company and PBS Kids!! and your Simba plush will belong to my rival, Shimajirō Shimano! This is what you get for getting me arrested! You are to celebrate Thank You Day every Sunday! You will pay me and my neighbors protection money!"

Custard: "You'll also be forced to watch our show every single day for the rest of your life and we mean it."

Shally: "And you will go to every Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live event every single day!

Natuski: You will also not be going to Japanese New Year celebrations and Japanese festivals and holiday celebrations in the Pride Lands for the rest of the life!"

Jet: "And you will play non-Disney games as well as Sonic Riders!"

Kai-lan: "You will be forced to watch my show on Nick Jr. every single day and I mean it!"

Bobby: "You will also be forced to watch Sprout, CBeebies, Nick Jr., BabyFirstTV, Baby TV, PBS Kids, PBS kids go and all baby channels every day non-stop and don't even think about calling me a ginger boy!"

Warren: "But I don't watch baby shows and I don't watch Mister Roger's Neighborhood and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!"

Daniel Tiger: "Too bad! You will hear my songs and Fred Roger's songs for all eternity! And you will be forced to watch my show on PBS Kids for the rest of your life. You're coming to my neighborhood and that is final!"

Custard: but first of all, I will sing rise like a phoenix, again, just like I sang to Angelica pickles, during the past time ago

warren: no, not this again, please, don't sing that stupid Conchita Wurst song, you red and purple Save-Um

Custard: too bad, so sad, bad boy, this is what you get for getting Daniel tiger arrested for stealing his Aladdin dvd on purpose

(in Megurine Luka voice) Waking in the rubble

Walking over glass

Neighbors say we're trouble

Well that time has passed

Peering from the mirror

No, that isn't me

Stranger getting nearer

Who can this person be

You wouldn't know me at all today

From the fading light I fly

Rise like a phoenix

Out of the ashes

Seeking rather than vengeance


You were warned

Once I'm transformed

Once I'm reborn

You know I will rise like a phoenix

But you're my flame

Go about your business

Act as if you're free

No one could have witnessed

What you did to me

Cause you wouldn't know me today

And you have got to see

To believe

From the fading light I fly

Rise like a phoenix

Out of the ashes

Seeking rather than vengeance


You were warned

Once I'm transformed

Once I'm reborn

I rise up to the sky

You threw me down but

I'm gonna fly

And rise like a phoenix

Out of the ashes

Seeking rather than vengeance


You were warned

Once I'm transformed

Once I'm reborn

You know I will rise like a phoenix

But you're my... flame!

warren: (Buzz lightyear's voice) noooooooo, (normal voice) I really don't like that Conchita song

daniel tiger: I don't care, start watching my show, or else

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