Warren: I am going to revive evil ally because she got executed 

(When warren puts a 1 up mushroom)

Evil Ally: Thank you warren for reviving me

Warren: you're welcome Evil ally 

Ally: you revived my evil clone? what on planet earth Warren, how dare you revive my evil clone, she is the worst FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Bemani lover ever! That's it! I'm calling Alan and Catherine Cook! (uses the phone) Hello, is this Alan and Catherine Cook? Warren just revived my evil clone! She's the worst FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Benami lover ever! Can you please ground him? OK, bye!

Alan: (on the phone) What? Warren revived Evil Ally? Oh my god! He's in very big trouble!

Ally: As for you, Evil me, you're grounded for eternity for getting revived by Warren! When we get home, you'll watch TV shows not made by FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Benami!

(Alan and Catherine appear)

Alan: Warren, we can't believe you revived Ally! She's the worst FUNimation, Viz Media, Benami and Konami lover ever in history!

Warren: but she loves FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Bemani 

Catherine: We don't care, you are grounded for megaplex years, and for this we will call the visitors to teach you a lesson, and oh, let's head outside because there's not enough room for Iris, Giffany, Dark Magician Girl and Azura to fit in there

(At outside)

Alan: warren, you have too many visitors who want to see you 

Luna: I'm Luna Minami. I'm so fed up because you revived Evil Ally. She's the worst FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Bemani lover ever!

Daniel tiger: I'm Daniel Tiger, how dare you revive Evil ally 

Misternintendoking: this is me, Misternintendoking, I cannot believe you revived Evil Ally 

Vitzie629: it's me, Vitzie629, there is gonna be no reviving people ever again

MrLegoFan10: I'm MrLegoFan10, and I will change it from Octonauts on Disney Junior to Pingu on Cbeebies 

TheSuperBaxter: I am TheSuperBaxter, no more buying Disney VHS tapes

TheHeatherFan2002: I'm TheHeatherFan2002, and You are just bad as Jo from Total Drama! 

Memy9909: I'm Memy9909, reviving is illegal at the graveyard

Oishi kawaii: I'm oishi kawaii, you're worse than Oobi g 

L ryan: I'm l ryan, and you are worse than SallyJones1998

Alex kimble: I'm Alex Kimble, you will get a black card in my next dead meat video, and by the way, I bought the total drama contestants to give you punishments once and for all

Inez Thomas: I'm inez Thomas and I agree with Alex Kimble 

KawaiiSugarBunny: I'm KawaiiSugarBunny, go die in a train wreck 

Amsalley94: This is AmSalley94, get out of the planet because you are meaner than Walter and his brothers 

Joseph selaty: I'm Joseph selaty, and I hate you for getting Daniel Tiger arrested by littering food

Landon dibbles: I am Landon dibbles, this is what you get for reviving Evil ally

(The trollz girls appears)

Ruby: sorry we're late, I'm ruby 

Sapphire: i'm sapphire 

Topaz: i'm topaz 

Amethyst: i'm Amethyst 

Onyx: and I'm Onyx, we cannot believe you revived Evil Ally

Calebcomedian: I'm Calebcomedian, and every time when Gravity Falls comes, we will switch it to Super why 

Kristin konkle: I'm Kristin konkle, I wish you would be a fan of rocket power

Super patrick: I'm super Patrick, and I will throw your computer in the garbage

HeroesYesVillainsNo: I'm HeroesYesVillainsNo, and you suck and I rule

Jack Sullivan: I'm jack Sullivan, and you will never think or dream about Candace ever again, and by the way, no more Tigger's Clues because tigger is a Disney character 

Jsmyth7: I'm JSmyth7, and I will switch it from Phineas and Ferb on Disney XD to Zack and Quack on Nick Jr 

RobertCoatesAnimation: I'm RobertCoatesAnimation, and you just lost your trip to the Disney Store 

Caroline0204: I'm Caroline0204, and we are very angry at you for reviving Evil ally, you know that she is the worst FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Bemani lover in the solar system 

WeHateWarrenCook: I'm WeHateWarrenCook, I hate all your videos

LouieLouie95: I'm LouieLouie95, i'm sick and tired of you for making fake VHS openings 

Erika: I'm Erika, I'm so one hundred percent mad at you for reviving Evil ally 

Annabelle: Annabelle here, if you keep picking on erika, she will beat you up 

Mcb1209: I'm Mcb1209, I am getting so much passed for reviving a 18 year old girl's evil clone named Evil ally, for no reason

PickleBoy: I'm PickleBoy, you will not dream about Pinocchio ever again

Phillip Psareas: I'm Phillip Psareas, and if you kill any PBS Kids characters, you will be beaten up by binky Barnes 

Hirashi: I'm hirashi, you will take a trip to Elwood city every morning, afternoon, evening and night 

AngryvideoGameNerd: I'm AngryvideoGameNerd, and you will not celebrate your next birthday at IO's

Sarah west: sarah west here, we will never stop making videos out of you 

Yankiedude5000: I'm Yankiedude5000, and I agree with Sarah West

Kooky von koopa: I'm Kooky von koopa, when I was at third Street school, you made fun of me having a nightmare, you naughty boy

Woodywood pecker: I'm Woodywood pecker, you're worse than Angelica Pickles 

James wright: I'm James Wright, you will never watch my number one show gravity falls 

Amber barwick: I'm amber barwick, your worse than Bill cipher 

Blossom: I am Blossom, you will watch us save the broccoli aliens with the kids

Bubbles: I am Bubbles, you will wear clothes

Buttercup: and I'm Buttercup, you will watch our show on boomerang 

Mac: I'm Mac

Bloo: I'm Bloo

Eduardo: I'm Eduardo

Wilt: I'm Wilt

Coco: I'm Coco

Frankie: I'm Frankie

Madame Foster: I'm Madame Foster

Mr. Herriman: And I'm Mr. Herriman and we're the cast of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, we hate you for reviving Evil Ally

Billy: I'm billy, we hate you for reviving a FUNimation, Viz Media, Konami and Bemani lover 

Mandy: I'm Mandy and I agree with billy

Grim reaper: I'm the grim reaper, and I agree with billy and Mandy 

Dexter: I'm dexter, I'm so angry you revived Evil ally

Dee dee: I'm dee dee, and you have been a very bad boy

Lazlo: I'm lazlo, all of the Disney characters told you that they will never see you ever again 

Patsy: I'm Patsy, and I agree with lazlo

Adam lyon: I'm Adam lyon

Jake: and I'm jake, you will watch our show

Lil'd: I'm lil'd 

Madison: I'm Madison 

Phil: I'm Phil

Tamika: I'm Tamika

Eddie: I'm Eddie 

Kim: I'm kim chin

Kam: I'm Kam chin

Crystal: I'm crystal

Sunny: and I'm sunny, and we're class of 3000, we all hate you for reviving a girl

Flapjack: I'm Flapjack, you're worse than Moe and Joe 

Captain K'nuckles: I'm captain k'nuckles, and you will watch our show for the rest of your life 

Igor the mii: I'm Igor the mii, start being a fan of Nintendo 

Shauna: I'm shauna, igor just told me 

Samuel: I'm samuel, you are prohibited to think about Disney characters 

Joey king: I'm joey King, you'll be forced to play just dance games, that does not count on Just Dance Disney Party, JDDP is made by Ubisoft 

Warren: come on joey, all just dance games are made by Ubisoft 

Joey King: SILENCE! Samuel, can you give him JD 1, 2, 3, 4, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017?

(Samuel accepts it)

Joey king: and Warren, Prince Ali is a Disney song, and I contacted Ubisoft, and they replaced with the big big bang

Wallace: I'm wallace and this is Gromit, and you will watch my films

ShimmeringNight: I'm shimmeringnight, you are worse than Darby 

Queen lanolin: it's me, queen lanolin, you will not think about Disney characters ever again 

Dipper pines: I'm dipper

Mabel pines: and i'm mabel, AKA the pine twins, and you're nothing but a Disney lover 

Grunkle stan: i'm grunkle stan, man, I don't want you in gravity falls forever 

Ford pines: I'm ford pines, girls can't talk to you, girls can talk to me

Soos: I'm Soos, we all hate Disney so much, also, don't you dare try to beat up my girlfriend Giffany

Wendy: I'm Wendy, and you will never watch our show as it made by Disney

Pacifica northwest: I'm pacifica northwest, I am way better than you 

Marco: I'm Marco, and you are way worse than emperor awesome, Lord dominator and Lord hater

Star butterfly: my name is star butterfly, seriously Warren, you are the worst Disney lover I ever seen, and you are banned from watching me and marco's show, Star vs the forces of evil

Lloyd nebulon: I'm Lloyd Nebulon, you will never watch our show anymore, because our show is made by Disney

Brittany: I'm Brittany, and I agree with lloyd

Eddie horton: I'm Eddie Horton, your parents will not get you frozen: olaf's quest for the Nintendo DS that you wanted 

Kurt Blobberts: i'm kurt blobberts, we don't want you in space ever again

Douglas mcnoggin: I am douglas mcnoggin, we will not throw you a Disney themed party for your next birthday, and by the way, you are a villain, so I am saying no to you 

Mr whiskers: i'm mr whiskers, and you will never watch me and brandy's show 

brandy: i'm brandy, me and mr whiskers are way better than you 

Sophie the otter: I'm sophie the otter, I'm very fed up what did you revived Evil Ally

Peanut: I'm Peanut otter

Butter: Me Butter

Jelly: And I'm Jelly otter and we're PB&J, and you will never watch our show ever again. Why? Because it is made by Disney

Sasha: I'm Sasha, we are tired of you making fake VHS openings 

Pompi kate: I'm pompi Kate, and you will never watch the lion King ever again 

Natuski: I'm Natuski, we're so angry at ya, toots 

Shally: i'm shally, you will watch shows we like such as inspector gadget, Beverly hills teens, Kidd Video, Madeline, the real ghostbusters, the adventures of super Mario bros 3, Trollz, Strawberry Shortcake, Sabrina: the animated series, sonic underground and extreme Dinosaurs 

Aisha: I'm aisha 

Tecna: I'm tecna 

Flora: I'm flora 

Musa: I'm musa 

Stella: I'm stella 

Bloom: and I'm bloom, and we're winx mane six, you will watch our show on cw4kids, and I will take away all your Disney posters

Piff: I'm piff

Digit: I'm digit

Chatta: I'm chatta

Tune: I'm tune

Amore: I'm amore

Lockette: and I'm lockette and we're the pixies bonded by the winx, you're worse than the happy tree friends

Kemo: I'm Kemo, did you know I watched the lion King in the age of 17?

Aria blaze: I'm aria blaze 

Adagio dazzle: I'm adagio dazzle 

Sonata dust: and i'm sonata dust, and we're the dazzlings from rainbow rocks, you will listen to welcome to the show and under our spell

Sugarcoat: I'm sugarcoat 

Sunny flare: I'm sunny flare 

Lemon zest: I'm lemon zest 

Sour sweet: I'm sour sweet 

Indigo zap: and i'm indigo zap, we're the shadowbolts from friendship games, if you keep this up, principal cinch will have detention at your house

Upper crust: I'm upper crust, no fun for you 

Jet set: I'm jet set, and I agree with my girlfriend 

Neon lights: I'm Neon lights, you're worse than the Fearsome Foursome

Alice: I'm Alice from Pop'n Music, you're worse than my evil clone as well

Fieur de lee: Fieur de lee here, and we team d are going to Disneyland without you 

Suri polomare: I'm suri polomare, I hate you and I would never marry you 

Flash sentry: I'm flash sentry, and start liking equestria girls 

Mrs shaw: I'm Mrs shaw, you have been a very bad bad bad student

Mr dike: I'm Mr dike, you'll receive homeworks

CaptainSparklez: I'm CaptainSparklez, you have been banned from school

Charlie kowalski: I'm Charlie kowalski, I cannot stand your attitude anymore 

Charlotte: I am charlotte and this is vendetta, and you are just bad as Lauren wragg the mii

Vendetta: vendetta here, you are stupid because you revived Evil Ally, UGH!

Sparkles Charming: I'm Sparkles Charming, you need to pay attention to sparkles and gloom and not Disney 

Gloom Charming: I am Gloom Charming, and I agree with sparkles

WigglesWorld: WigglesWorld here, you need to pay attention to the wiggles and not Disney 

Ash: I'm ash 

Misty: I'm Misty 

Brock: and i'm brock, fake VHS openings need to stop  

Sonic: I am sonic, I'm faster than you  

Tails: I'm tails, you better have yourself, but you didn't listen to us!  

Amy Rose: I am Amy rose, I will smash your toilet with my hammer and tell Flame Mammoth to burn your underwear!

Knuckles: I'm knuckles, if you buy more Disney VHS tapes, I will punch you with my fist until you bleed to death!

Shrek: I'm shrek, start being a fan of my movie  

donkey: I'm donkey, I'm gonna kick you with my hooves and you'll babysit my baby dragons 

Jack reliegh: I'm jack reliegh, and I am so mad at you for what you did 

Sheldon lee: I'm sheldon lee 

Tuck carbunkle: Tuck carbunkle 

Brad carbunkle: brad carbunkle 

Jenny wakeman: And Jenny wakeman, how dare you revive Evil Ally, man, you know doing that is SO STUPID!!

Rex: I'm Rex

Unicorn: I'm Unicorn

Komodo: I'm Komodo

Mouse: I'm Mouse

Sasquatch: I'm Sasquatch and we're Animal Mechanicals, you'll watch our TV show because it's made by DHX Media

Maggie pesky: I'm Maggie pesky, and aldrin pesky and the team will beat you up

Slippy v: I'm slippy v, when you die no one is going to revive you 

Shawn Brunner: i'm Shawn Brunner, emily Doughty and I will not have fun with you 

Emily doughty: I'm emily Doughty, HiddenintheBasement will donate your Disney stuff to the hospital 

Cave Johnson: I'm Cave Johnson, we all hate you for reviving Evil Ally

Tori: I'm tori 

Donah: I'm donah 

Rai: I'm rai 

Sena: I'm sena 

Finn: and I'm Finn, making fake VHS openings is against the law

Robin: I'm robin 

Starfire: I'm starfire 

Cyborg: I'm cyborg 

Beast boy: I'm beast boy 

Raven: and I'm Raven, we had enough of you not listening to us

Rocko: i'm rocko, and all the Disney music will be selled on eBay

Clarence: I'm Clarence you are the worst user in my whole entire life!

Jeff: I'm Jeff and your fake VHS openings are terrible!

Sumo: I'm Sumo and I'm super mad at you for revived Evil Ally!

Courtney: I'm Courtney 

Izzy: I'm izzy 

Heather: I'm heather 

Gwen: I'm gwen 

Leshawna: i'm leshawna 

Lightning: I'm lightning 

Anne maria: I'm Anne maria 

Ezekiel: I'm Ezekiel 

Eva: I'm eva 

Dawn: I'm dawn 

Cameron: I'm cameron 

Topher: I'm topher 

Don: I'm don 

Tyler: I'm tyler 

Justin: I'm Justin 

Beth: I'm Beth 

Sky: I'm sky 

Cody: I'm cody 

Sierra: I'm Sierra 

Duncan: I'm Duncan 

Alejandro: I'm Alejandro 

Bridgette: I'm bridgette 

Katie: I'm Katie 

Sadie: I'm Sadie 

Harold: I'm Harold 

Mike: I'm mike 

Zoey: I'm Zoey 

Ella: I'm ella 

Noah: I'm Noah 

Owen: I'm Owen 

Shaun: I'm Shaun 

Chris McLean: and I'm Chris mclean, you will be a fan of total drama 

Skyler hawkins: i'm skyler hawkins, you will be a fan of us 

Jake: I'm jake and I agree with my girlfriend 

Munk: I'm munk

Mambo: and I am mambo, your worse than the evil Bob the builder 

Carly shay: I'm Carly shay, and I'm so angry for what you did to reviving Evil ally

Gumball: I'm gumball watterson, your will watch our show 

Darwin: I'm Darwin watterson, and I agree with gumball

Angry German Kid: I am Leopold Slikk also known as the Angry German Kid I will beat your ass up with my keyboard!

Mr alan: I'm mr Alan, you're a bad student

Mrs Stevenson: I'm Mrs Stevenson, you will do math homework

Henry: hi, I'm henry

June: and I'm June, we're requesting you to start liking us rather than Disney

Peter: I'm Peter Quill

Gamora: I'm Gamora

Drax: I'm Drax the Destroyer

Groot: I'm Groot

Rocket: And I'm Rocket Raccoon, why did you revive Evil Ally?

Strawberry shortcake: I'm strawberry shortcake 

Orange blossom: I'm orange Blossom 

Angel cake: I'm angel cake 

Ginger snap: I'm ginger snap 

Peppermint fizz: I'm Peppermint fizz 

Huckleberry pie: and I'm Huckleberry pie, you will watch our show because it's made by DIC entertainment 

Crepe Suzette: I'm Crepe Suzette, reviving Evil ally is not really good

Tea blossom: I'm tea Blossom, we will call the teachers to ban you from going to school

Tangerina Torta: I'm Tangerina Torta, and we will get the Disney Store managers to get fired

Frosty Puff: I'm Frosty Puff, we heard you called us Frosty poop, tea balls, crepes suzass and baderina torta

Lemon meringue: I'm lemon meringue, how about you stop downloading Disney apps 

Raspberry torte: Raspberry torte here, and I agree with lemon meringue 

Blueberry muffin: I'm Blueberry muffin, you're worse than scootatoo 

Rainbow sherbet: I'm rainbow sherbet, and we heard you reviving Evil Ally 

Watermelon kiss: I'm Watermelon kiss, there is gonna be no Disney shows and movies

Banana Candy: I am banana candy, no Disney video games for you

Plum pudding: I'm Plum pudding, your Disney books will be burned and we will hit your head on the wall 100 times everyday nonstop!

Apricot: I'm Apricot, we heard you sing Disney songs like you got a friend in me, I just can't wait to be king, be our guest, a whole new world and part of your world. If you keep singing Disney songs, Iris, Giffany, Dark Magician Girl and Azura will beat you up until you bleed to death.

Noodle: I'm Noodle

Jazzi: I'm Jazzi

B.B. Jammies: I'm B.B. Jammies

Ka-Chung: I'm Ka-Chung

Foo: I'm Foo

Custard: And I'm Custard and we're The Save-Ums, reviving Evil Ally is not cool, you're also worse than our evil clones as well! And don't you dare tickle our mom's feet for no reason with acrylic paint or else she will break your skull open and eat you up!

Spark Mandrill: I'm Spark Mandrill, you will forget your memories about Disney, and I will electrocute you with my Electric Spark you continue making fake VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray openings!

Flame Mammoth: I'm Flame Mammoth, like Amy Rose said, I will use my Fire Wave from my arm to burn your underwear!

Storm Eagle: I'm Storm Eagle, and I will use my Storm tornado to blow away your Disney posters!

Sting Chameleon: I'm Sting Chameleon, all of your Disney stuff will be demolished by my Chameleon Sting once and for all!

Armored Armadillo: I'm Armored Armadillo, how dare you killed my Shoebill Stork, your account will be closed and smashed by my Rolling Shield once and for all!

Launch Octopus: I'm Launch Octopus, I will destroy your computer with my Homing Missiles so you won't make any fake VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray openings!

Boomer Kuwager: I'm Boomer Kuwager, I'm going to slice you into pieces with my Boomerang Cutter!

Chill Penguin: I'm Chill Penguin, if you keep this up, I will freeze you with my Shotgun Ice, and send you to the Netherrealm where you will get killed by Goro while you are in an ice cube frozen to death!

Iris: I'm Iris, we will beat you up every time you tell us to back off and wish we are all dead!

Giffany: i'm Giffany, you will wear diapers forever, not nappies, but diapers! and I will beat you up

Dark Magician Girl: this is me, Dark Magician Girl, how dare you revive Evil ally, your pet Komodo Dragon will be killed and beaten by my Dark Burning Attack once and for all!

Azura: I'm Azura, like Custard said, don't you dare tickle my feet for no reason with acrylic paint or else I will break your skull open and eat you up! Now you will be stretched for 11 days.

(Warren is soon stretched)

Warren: No! (X24)

Azura: Good. You've been stretched. You won't be unstretched for a massive punishment!

Alan: I agree with everyone, now start watching those primetime shows, cartoons and kids shows not made by Disney, listen to music not made Disney and play video games not made by Disney, or you will be grounded for ultra reality!

Warren: back off you all, I wish you were all freaking dead by penises of drew pickles, barney the gay t-rex, Clifford the gay red dog, and Ronald Mcdonald then dumped into the volcano that lived in the land of the dinosaurs.

Catherine: warren, how dare you tell us to back off and wish we are all dead, that is it!

Iris: That's it, I can't take it much longer. Me, Giffany, Dark Magician Girl, and Azura are going to beat you up. Prepare to die!

Giffany: Prepare to die!

Dark Magician Girl: Prepare to die!

Azura: Prepare to die!

Iris, Giffany, Dark Magician Girl, and Azura: IN FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!

[Iris, Giffany, Dark Magician Girl and Azura beat Warren Cook up, but the TV static occurs followed by a technical difficulties sign with the word "LOSER: WARREN COOK!"]