Warren: "Man! This Chinese high school is completely lame. I know, I'm gonna let out a massive amount of sarin gas in this Chinese high school and cause panic and anarchy. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaah!

Hongmao: "Oh no. Sarin we gotta run!"


[Warren Cook and his family are on the couch watching TV]

Catherine: "Warren. Did you behave your self?"

Warren: "Yes."

Alan: "Now let's see what's on the news."

[We cut: to GoAnimate Global News Channel #1. The title of the news story says "GoAnimate City's Nick Jr. Store Destroyed!" as news music plays]

News Reporter: "We interrupt your program to bring this newsflash! A 6 story Chinese high school in Hunan GreatDreams Street, Los Angeles have been attacked with chemical warfare with the use of sarin gas today. 1,050 students and 850 teachers die. More than 1,020 students and 986 teachers and staff members are critically injured. We identified the suspect that was caught on camera with liquid sarin filled bombs and soda cans. He says he doesn't want to watch Ni Hao, Kai-lan, so he took his sarin gas based weapons and conducted chemical warfare.

Daniel Tiger: "Now we have 2 students, Random Kitten and Applejack. They want to tell if Warren has something to do with this."

Hongmao: "Bad....

Applejack: "I'm here to inform Warren Cook that he needs to pay every hospital bill on those people! Into the parents of Warren, you'll be paying $5,000 for each hospital bill of every student, teacher and staff member also containing managers and $7,000 for funeral bills for the teachers, managers, students and staff members and  $9,000 to repair school!"

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