Warren Cook: "Man! I can't believe I got sent to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for watching The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. I know, I'll escape from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Warren then begins to laugh evilly as he runs to the airport, boards an airplane and takes off]

Daniel Tiger: "I'm going to check up on Warren Cook to make sure he is watching Shimajirō: A World of Wow on the TV Tokyo Preschool Channel."

[Daniel Tiger becomes shock and very angry that Warren has escaped]

Daniel Tiger: "Oh my god! Warren Cook has escaped!"

Mom and Dad tiger: whaaaaat?

Daniel tiger: I'm now going to call his dad

Cut to: Warren at home

Warren: home sweet home, now I am home, I will watch recess: school's out on VHS

(After the movie)

Warren: that was a good movie, now, since my dad was still not here, I am going to Disney California Adventure again

(When Warren leaves the house)

(Rachel blackheart walks in, she was shocked)

Rachel blackheart: I knew it, Warren Cook escaped from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and got recess: school's out on dvd

Alan: blackheart, we're home

Rachel blackheart: howzit Alan and Catherine, you are not going to like this

Catherine: what is it?

Rachel blackheart: he escaped from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and got a Disney VHS called recess: school's out

Alan: Thank you for telling us

Catherine: Warren, get your butt over here

Warren: what do you want?

Alan: you escaped from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, that's it, you are grounded for eternity, now I will call everyone to teach you a lesson along with Daniel Tiger