Warren Cook

Warren Cook is a well-known troll in the GoAnimate community. He became infamous due to him uploading various "Fake VHS Openings." He is portrayed as Mac Guy in GoAnimate.

Birth: January 10th, 1995

Death: December 19, 2017

Fate: Jumped off a building into a bone breaking death along with SallyJones1998, Eddie K, Bobbyispoopy, Nathan Pearson, Zara, Erika, Gage, Moe, Joe, Keith, Pedro, Edro, Dora, Andy Panda, Penny, Mitch, Jamie, Kumi, Ivy, Caillou, DeLorean, Memy9909, Black Bart, Stephen, Maya, Mike, Wolvlin, Rob, Alex, Brandi and the Friends, Ron, Adelaide, Paulina, Videogamenerd1000, Noddy, Alice, Carrie, Lily, Zoey, Molly, Gloria, Kimi, Tristan, Darby, Brandon Bull, Kevin, Sally, Zack, Rattles, Molly, Derek, Felix, Banjo, Krista, Sophie, Lance, Josie, Alexander, Berry the Bad, Pablo, Calum1998, Zelda, Phillip, Steve and Harry.

Quotes Edit

”This is going to be a torture!” - Warren’s main catchphrase when going to a place he doesn’t like, last words before he gets executed.