(Steven is having problems with his computer, so he calls Tech Support)

Voice on phone: Tech support. How can I help you?

Steven: Yeah. I've loaded your software onto my computer, and now the computer isn't working at all.

Voice on phone: I'm sorry to hear that. Let's see what I can do.

Steven: Fine.

Voice on phone: Okay, to begin, I'd like you to check if it's plugged in.

Steven: Plugged in? Is it plugged in?

Voice on phone: Yes, sir.

Steven: I've waited forty minutes on hold so that some tech guy could ask me that?

Voice on phone: Yes, sir.

Steven: Yeah, well, here's my checklist...

(An irritated Steven yells at the tech guy on the phone)

Steven: Item 1: Stop buying software from companies that treat me like a moron! Item 2: Stop wasting forty minutes on hold to speak to someone as useless as you!

Voice on phone: I'm sorry, sir. It's just our procedure that I...

(Steven hangs up and ends the call. Suddenly, he sees that his computer was unplugged the whole time)

Steven: Huh? Oh...Fiddlesticks.