(Paul walks into a room and sees Steven placing a watermelon on a table)

Steven: Hey, Paul, want to play "Bobbing for Seeds"?

Paul: What's that?

Steven: You hold a watermelon and suck as many seeds as you can out of it in one minute.

Paul: Oh, yeah! Lemme try!

(Paul chomps on the watermelon, sucks out the seeds, and spits them out. After Paul is done, Steven places another watermelon on the table and pours a bottle of oil on it)

Steven: Not bad, not bad. Alright, now we try a new game called "Farce". It's like "Bobbing for Seeds", but here, instead of a dry watermelon, we make it harder by oiling it up.

Paul: I think that'll be too hard to hold.

Steven: Yeah. That's why we call it "Farce". It's just a huge comedy of errors.

Paul: What if I can't do it with the oily one?

Steven: We go back to the other game.

Paul: So if at "Farce" I don't suck seed, try dry again?

(Steven realizes that Paul has just made a pun)

Steven: Hey, wait a minute...

(Scene switches to Steven looking disappointed at PC Guy)

Steven: Have some pride.