Voices Edit

Tommy - Zack

Timmy - Eric

Bennett - Diesel

HSN (Home Shopping Network) - Dallas

Bravo UK - Brian

Julie - Julie

Transcript Edit

[We cut to Tommy & Timmy's house]

Timmy:Dad, can we go to the mall?

Bennett:No, because your still grounded, go to your room.

Tommy: No Fair, Why can't we go to the mall?

Timmy:Hey! I've have and idea. How about we sneak out and go to the mall?

Tommy: Good idea, Timmy.

[Timmy & Tommy sneak out of the window and go to mall]

[Cut to The Apple Store]

HSN: Welcome to the Apple Store, what would you like to buy?

Timmy: We will like 2 Red Iphones with Headphones.

HSN: Okay, here you go!

Tommy: Here's 4 dollars!

HSN: Thank you!

Timmy: Let's watch (BAD USER) falls and breaks the gumball machine on YouTube!

[(BAD USER) falls and breaks the gumball machine plays]

[Timmy & Tommy laugh]

Tommy: That was one of the most funniest videos i've ever seen!

Timmy: Let's Go to Toys R Us!

[cut to Toys R Us

Bravo UK: Welcome to Toys R Us, what would you like to get?

Tommy: I want Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season on DVD.

Timmy: and I want 2 Pink Gooey Bots for me and Tommy.

Bravo UK: that will be 1 dollar & 2 dimes

Tommy: Here you go!

[The DVD of Teen Titans: The Complete Second Season & 2 Pink Gooey Bots appear]

Bravo UK: Here you go!

Timmy: Thank You!

Tommy: I'm Starving

Timmy: Let's Go to P.F. Changs, China Bistro

[cut to P.F. Changs China Bistro]

Julie: Welcome to P.F. Changs, China Bistro, What would you like to eat?

Tommy: Me and Timmy will like Sweet and Sour Chicken and Hot and Sour Soup with Coca~Cola please?

Julie: Okay, here you go!

Timmy: Let's eat!

[After they finished eating.]

Tommy:I'm done

Timmy: me too!

[cut to Tommy and Timmy's house]

Bennett:Tommy & Timmy, i've been looking for you everywhere, where have you been and why did you get stuff?

Tommy: Um, we just went to the mall!

Bennett: Timmy & Tommy! How Dare you went to the mall! You are even grounded for 5 weeks! I will hide the stuff you brought from the mall! Go Take a Shower, Put on your pajamas & go straight to bed!

[Tommy & Timmy go take a shower while crying]

Trivia Edit

The video (BAD USER) falls and breaks the gumball machine belongs to CuddlesAndMametchiFan est. 2013.

The Two Pink Gooey Bots as seen in this page are from Little Bill

Julie appears from the Video "Leigha misbehaves at P.F Changs China Bistro & Gets Grounded"

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