Eric: I'm dating a girl who wants me to learn the stupid cha cha.

Brian: That's a great dance. I can teach you if you want.

Eric: Fine. Gimme the basics.

Brian: Well, the first thing you gotta know is that in the cha cha, you lead with your left leg and arm, which we'll call your cha cha leg and arm.

Eric: Fine. What are the steps?

Brian: Well, the first step is to stick out your cha cha leg. Then raise your opposite arm. Then raise your cha cha arm.

Eric: Dude, just say "cha" leg or something. "Cha cha" is such a stupid, foo foo word.

Brian: Alright, fine. So try it. First, stick out your cha leg.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. I know. Second, I raise my other arm. Third, I raise my cha leg.

Brian: No. Third time's a cha arm.

(Eric realizes that Brian has made a pun)

Eric: Wait, what?

(Scene cuts to Eric about to set fire to Mac Guy's computer)

Eric: Don't mind me.

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