The Wolfgang Series

Genre: GoAnimate Series


Director: Joseph Selaty

Starring: Wolfgang


Wolfgang’s dad

Wolfgang’s mom


Executive Producer: Claire Red

Studio: Opal Television

Original Channel: The We Really Like Lopez EDCP Channel ( 2010-2015 )

Antenna TV ( 2015-2016 )

Fearnet Fanon ( 2016-present )

Original Airdate: 2010- 2015 ( The We Really Like Lopez EDCP Channel )

2015-2016 ( Antenna TV )

2016-present ( Fearnet Fanon )

Ratings: 123.546%

The Wolfgang Series is a grounded series made by We Really Like Lopez EDCP and many more. It is a bunch of episodes of Wolfgang doing a ton of naughty and inappropriate things and getting grounded by his parents.


A ton of places where Wolfgang gets grounded.


Wolfgang- He is voiced by David, is always a very naughty boy and is very inappropriate.

Skye- His younger sister, voiced by Ivy, and never gets grounded because she is always a good girl.

Snooty- His girlfriend, is voiced by Princess, and is also a very naughty girl.

Wolfgang's dad- Voiced by Steven and is always goes against the naughty things that Wolfgang does. His catchphrase is: “You really are a naughty boy!”

Wolfgang's mom- Voiced by Veena, and always makes Skye very save. Her favorite catchphrase is “How could you do such a freaking thing? There will be consequences! ( Thing is going to happen)!”

Special Guests:

Mrs. Katy- Voiced by Julie. She only appeared in “Wolfgang Gets a Nappy” and “Wolfgang Licks Purrl’s Face”.

Diva Lucy Barrat- Voiced by Princess. She first appeared in “Wolfgang Gets a Nappy” as a cameo and has appeared in every episode since.

Blanche January Brown- Voiced by Julie. She first appeared in “Wolfgang Shows Everyone His Butt” as a non-speaking cameo. She left The Wolfgang Series in 2013.

Cranston John Smith- Voiced by David and is always a very naughty boy and very inappropriate. He is shown as a rival for Blanche January Brown. He appeared in “Wolfgang Becomes Friends With Cranston.” He left The Wolfgang Series in 2015.

Purrl Ann Lee- Voiced by Kimberly. She is never a naughty girl. She only appeared in “Wolfgang Licks Purrl’s Face”.  

Peppy- Voiced by Tween-Girl. She appeared in all episodes of The Wolfgang Series, starting with”Wolfgang Gives Peppy a Wedgie/ Gets a Nappy”.

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