After Moe and Joe escaped Pride Lands again, they attempted to kill Shimajirō and his friends but were stopped by Nowi as she summons her Pokèmon to attack Moe and Joe to kill them followed by the Japanese Elite Ops, Special Assault Teams, the Japanese Self Defense Force, and the South Korean Elite Ops, shooting them once Nowi's Pokèmon severely attack Moe and Joe, stopping them once and for all for all the crimes they have committed from 2011 to February of 2018!


  • Eric as Moe
  • Simon as Joe
  • Ivy as Shimajirō Shimano
  • Shy Girl as Mimirin Midorihara
  • Emma as Nyakkii Momoyama
  • Brian as Male Japanese Elite Ops Soldiers, male Special Assault Team officers, male South Korea Elite Ops soldiers and Japanese police officers
  • Salli as Female Japanese Elite Ops Soldiers, female Special Assault Team officers and female South Korean Elite Ops soldiers


Part 1: Moe and Joe get attacked by Pokèmon and killed by the Japanese Elite OpsEdit

  • [February 7, 2018]
  • Moe: Man, we can't believe we both got sent to the Pride Lands after we hurted Azura's feet with Lego blocks.
  • Joe: I agree with you Moe, and this is our last chance to torture Shimajirō and his friends before we get killed. What should we do?

Finale: Nowi is finally freeEdit

  • [We then see Nowi and her Pokèmon on the tall rock at The Lakeside]
  • Nowi: Huh? you're all right guys! Thanks for saving me from Moe and Joe!
  • Donphan: Donphan Don! (We sure did!)
  • Kecleon: Kecle Kecleon? (Wait where's COC* A EGG U R)
  • Archeops: Archeops! (Look there he is)
  • COC* A EGG U R: Curse you Nowi, how dare you kill my friends Moe and Joe? I'll be back sometimes and get you into trouble!
  • Dodrio: Dodrio! (I'll try to chase him and smash him with my Tri attack)
  • (Nowi and her Pokèmon then started laughing as Luxray then licks Nowi's face)
  • Nowi: Luxray cut it out! Luxray stop it!
  • (Nowi then runs around laughing as Luxray and Archeops chases her happily and her Pokèmon continued laughing throughout the daybreak sky, the iris out effect plays with the sound effect from Super Mario World)
  • (The End!)

Music that played in this videovideoEdit

  • The Shard (Chase) - Mirror's Edge

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