Brian as Warren Cook, Keith, Rattles, Derek, and Stephen Larson

David as Eddie K, Caillou, Noddy, Felix, Banjo, Ratso Catso, Ron, Coulden Pettit, Zack Nintendoson and Steve's Dad

Joey as Memy9909, DeLorean, Harry, James and Pablo's Dad

Eric as Bobbyispoopy, Moe, Andy Panda, Mike, Berry the Bad, Big Ears, Eric Larson, Boris, Eric Smith, Calum1998 and DeLorean and Kevin's Dads.

Young Guy as Edro, Mitch, Phillip and Kumi's Dad

Simon as Keith and Alexander's dads, Nathan Pearson, Joe and Horace N. Buggy

Julie as Pablo and Ratso Catso's mom, Rob, Dora, Erika, Doris and KimitheAnimationGuy1

AT&T Mike as Ratso Catso's Dad

Princess as Zara, Alex, Darby, Paulina, Carrie, Lily, Sophie, Zoey, Sally, Maya and Jamie

Kimberly as Memy9909's, Eddie K, Jamie, Bobbyispoopy, Maya, Mike, Black Bart, Zoey, Alexander, Sophie, Lance, Ron, Adelaide, Steve, Alice, Dora and Erika and Zara and Calum1998's mom, Gage, Pedro, Pablo, Kevin, Mrs. MacDonald, Steve and Kumi

Dallas as Black Bart

Kayla as Penny, BATF, Ally, Francine and Zelda's Mom

Kate as Rattles, Tristan, Kevin, Moe, Joe, and DeLorean's mom, Molly (Slippy V) Adelaide and Scooter

Kendra as Wolvlin, Paulina's Mom, Evil Kento Koshiba, Evil Kirinta Kusano, Evil Monta Kimura and Evil Shimajirō Shimano

Jennifer as Evil Kikko Hayashida

Amy as Krista’s Mom and Mrs. Nintendoson

Allison as Gloria

Ivy as herself, Josie and Felix's mom

Shy Girl as Tristan

Emma as Emma Pearson, Lance, Evil Mimirin and Carrie's mom

Diesel as Bobbyispoopy, Memy9909, Rob, Alex, Maya, Mike, BATF, Calum1998, Paulina, Black Bart, Tristan, Gloria, Molly, Carrie, Lily, Ron, Adelaide, Zara, Erika, Zoey, Moe, Joe, Berry the Bad, Alice, Banjo, Krista, Zelda, Dora and Jamie's dads, Gage's Grandpa, Big Pauly and Mr. Nintendoson

Lawrence as Phillip's Dad

Belle as Phillip's Mom

Alan as Videogamenerd1000's Dad, Alan Cook, Mr. MacDonald, Steve Forshew and Alan Pearson

Catherine as Berry the Bad’s mom and Catherine Cook

Carmen as Pedro and Edro's Mom

Miguel as Pedro and Edro's Dad

Steven as Eddie K's Dad and Alexander

Dave as Ivy's Dad

Vixen as Wolvlin and Sally's Moms

Paul as Videogamenerd1000, Wolvlin and Rattles' dads

Bridget as Gloria, Keith and Kimi's Moms

Millie as Rob and Alex's Mom and Zelda

Salli as BATF's Mom, Woman on PA, Airport Manager, Molly MacDonald and Alice

Part 1: The Troublemakers Make Evil Versions of Shimajiro and His FriendsEdit

(October 6, 2017)

Ratso Catso: Hey everybody, come over here.

[Warren Cook and his friends walk in]

Warren: Um, what is it Ratso Catso?

Ratso Catso: We are going to make evil versions of Shimajiro and his friends.

Nathan Pearson:


Part 2: Ratso Catso Gets Sent to SpainEdit

Ratso Catso: Mom, where am I going?

Julie: You're going to Spain for your punishment because you and your friends made evil versions of Shimajirō Shimano and his friends! And don't you dare think about escaping from Spain, or you'll be grounded even more! And if you tell me, Mike and the visitors to back off and wish we were dead, you will be sent to Summer Camp for Troubled Teens for your punishment. Understand?

Ratso Catso: I understand.

Julie: Good! Then I hope this teaches you a lesson!

[We cut: to the GoAnimate City International Airport]

Airport Manager: Can I help you?

Julie: I would like to have one ticket for the flight to Madrid, Spain for Ratso Catso.

Airport Manager: Okay, he will go to the waiting corner.

[Ratso Catso went to the waiting corner]

Woman on PA:

Security Guard: Please put all of the metal objects in this container.

(1 minute later)

Security Guard: Thank you.

Airbus A380 Pilot:

Part 3: Finale: Ratso Catso Arrives in SpainEdit

Ratso Catso: Why did I get sent to Spain?

(5 minutes later)

Ratso Catso: ¡Oh no! Estoy hablando hablando español. ¿Puede mi vida empeorar más que esto? (Translation: Oh no! I am speaking Spanish. Can my life get any worse than this?)