Mark McCain Misbehaves at Chuck E. Cheese's is the 31st episode of Season 5, and the date is on November 18, 1963.


  • Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain
  • Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain
  • Clint Eastwood as Chuck E.
  • Daws Butler as Waiter


  • Mark McCain: Hey, Pa.
  • Lucas McCain: What it is, son?
  • Mark McCain: Can I go to Chuck E. Cheese's?
  • Lucas McCain: (angry voice) No!
  • Mark McCain: (sad voice) But, Pa.
  • Lucas McCain: (angry voice) Son, I said no!

(Mark McCain dances while crying, Lucas McCain gasped)

  • Lucas McCain: (angry voice) Stop crying like a baby! Now go back to sleep forever!
  • Mark McCain: (yawns) I feel sleeeeeepy. Oh! I'll sneak into Chuck E. Cheese's even though my pa said no!

Meanwhile At Chuck E. Cheese's.........

  • Mark McCain: Yay! I'm here at Chuck E. Cheese's! Now I'm going to eat some pizza!
  • Waiter: Hello, son. How may I help you?
  • Mark McCain: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Can I have large fries and two pizzas?
  • Waiter: (angry voice) NO! I'm going to tell Chuck E. right now!
  • Chuck E.: (angry voice) SON! HOW DARE YOU SNEAK INTO CHUCK E. CHEESE'S! THAT'S IT! I'M CALLING YOUR FATHER RIGHT NOW! (telephone) Hello, is this Mark McCain's dad, Lucas? Yes, Mark sneak into Chuck E. Cheese's while is in deep trouble? Can you please pick him up? Thanks, Bye. Okay, son. Your dad is on his way to pick him up right now.
  • Lucas McCain: (with Scary Voice with black background surrounded by flames) OH! (x14) MARK, MARK, MARK, MARK, MARK! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!
  • Lucas McCain: (angry voice) Come on, son. Let's go home!

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