Ultimate Japanese-United Preschool Nations War


January 25th, 1994 - October 18th, 2018


  • Japan (in 2014)
  • The Land of Make-Believe
  • BabyBus
  • PBS Kids Go!
  • PBS Kids Sprout
  • BabyFirst
  • Disney Junior
  • Playhouse Disney
  • Nick Jr.


Japanese victory

  • Independence of Japanese countries invaded by The United Preschool Nations restored.
  • King Friday killed
  • Queen Saturday killed
  • Prince Tuesday killed
  • Daniel Tiger killed



United Preschool Nations
Nick Jr.
Disney Junior
European Militia


Shimajirō Shimano
Mimirin Midorihara
Shinzō Abe
Shepherd †
Queen of the United Kingdom
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Prime Minister of Canada
Governor General of Canada
MI5 Director
President of France
Prime Minister of France
Morel †
President of Germany 
Chancellor of Germany 
President of the Czech Republic 
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic 
Resistance Leader † 
John "Soap" MacTavish † 
Boris Vorshevsky (late)
Boris Vorshevsky (early)
Vasili Zhukov †
Pavel Morozov †
Bogdan Sokolov †
Anya Kovaleva †
Leonid Pudovkin †
Vladimir Makarov † 
Volk (P.O.W.) 
Dietrich Mueller † 
Alejandro Rojas


Japanese Self Defense Force

U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division 82nd Airborne Division 1st Armored Division 10th Mountain Division 1st Calvary Division U.S. Army Rangers 75th Ranger Regiment Hunter Company Hunter 2-1 Delta Force Team Metal Team Anvil Team Granite Team Onyx Green Berets ODA Foxtrot ODA 595 U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Marine Division U.S. Navy U.S. Navy SEALs U.S. Air Force National Guard Virginia National Guard DC National Guard New York National Guard Alaska National Guard Nevada National Guard Maryland National Guard CIA Shadow Company

British Armed Forces

British Army SAS Royal Air Force Metropolitan Police Service (Scotland Yard) Special Branch MI5 MI6

Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Joint Task Force 2 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron Canadian Army Canadian Navy Royal Canadian Air Force

French Armed Forces



German Army Unnamed tank unit 36th Attack helicopter regiment

Military of the Czech Republic

Czech Resistance troops

Australian Defence Force

Australian Army Special Operations Command (soldiers were part of Task Force 141)

Russian Armed Forces

Russian Ground Forces Spetsnaz Russian Navy Naval Infantry Russian Air Force Russian Airborne Troops

Inner Circle terrorists

Sleeper cells Ultranationalist militants

OpFor militants 
African militias and guerrillas 


Brazilian militia troops

Casualties Tens of thousands of Japanese soldiers and thousands of Japanese and European civilians Japanese Supercarrier Tokyo damaged Eiffel Tower destroyed White House and Washington Memorial heavily damaged. London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and many other major cities of Europe contaminated by chemical warfare Hundreds of Japanese Elite Ops troops Thousands of anti-Sproutlet partisans in invaded areas of in several of Japan's overseas territories in the Pacific Ocean K.I.A or executed Thousands of Japanese civilians massacred by Land of Make-Believe and Sproutlet troops during the invasion of Benesse Island, Japan on August 20, 2014. All of Benesse Island and Challenge Island heavily damaged The entire United Preschool Nations military. All of the Land of Make-Believe's Navy invasion fleet sunk or heavily damaged Inner Circle dissolved. The entire Sproutlet Elite Ops. The entire Sproutlet Militia. Couple hundred of European Militia. Couple hundred of Chinese Triads.

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