(Brian walks by and sees that a few troublemakers have created their own makeshift hospital)

Kenny: Hello, Brian.

Brian: What are you doing?

Kenny: The government told us to come here. We're going to review your health and give you some expert recommendations.

Brian: I don't think that'll work. First of all, you're not trained doctors. Second of all, you need to go to medical school in order to work in a hospital. Third of all...

Kenny: Please, shut your mouth. Dr. Walker is in the middle of an expert recommendation.

Joseph: Hmm, let's see...Head colds. Headaches. Looks like he's having a lot of problems with his head.

Kenny: What's the smartest course of action, Doctor?

(Joseph holds up an axe and aims it at Brian)

Joseph: We're going to cut your head off.

(Realizing what the troublemakers are going to do to him, Brian frantically runs off)

Kenny: Hey! We even got an anesthesiologist!

(The anesthesiologist is holding a frying pan to knock Brian out. The troublemakers are disappointed that their scheme didn't work)

Joseph: Looks like our patient elected against surgery.