(Eric is running a cookie stand. Joey is his first customer)

Eric: Hey, Joey. Want to buy some cookies? I'll sell you a box for a buck.

Joey: Sure. I love chocolate chip cookies.

Eric: Great.

(Joey pays Eric, and Eric gives him a box)

Eric: Enjoy.

Joey: Wait a minute. You gave me an empty box.

Eric: Yeah. The buck just gets you the box. If you want the cookies in there, it's an extra two bucks.

Joey: What kind of ripoff is that?

Eric: It's no ripoff at all.

Joey: Fine. You're lucky I'm such a sucker for chocolate.

Eric: Great.

(Joey gives Eric the extra two dollars, and Eric puts the cookies in the box)

Eric: Enjoy.

Joey: What the-? Where are the chocolate chips?!

Eric: Not yet in the cookies. If you want 'em, it's two more bucks.

Joey (agitated): Why you little...Fine. Here.

(Joey gives two more dollars to Eric. Eric gives him a bag of chocolate chips)

Eric: Here you go.

Joey: That's just a bag of chocolate chips. Put 'em in the cookies.

Eric: Ohh, you only paid for self-serve. If you want the premium service, it's just an extra...

(That's when Joey has had enough)

Joey: AUGHH!

(Joey angrily drops the cookie box and leaves in a huff)

Steven: And for two more bucks, I'll wash my hands first.

(Eric is satisfied that he and Steven fooled Joey with a fee structure)

Eric: The Airline Fee Structure...It's not just for airlines anymore.