(Diesel comes along and sees Kidaroo hanging by his legs off a tree)

Diesel: What are you doing, Kidaroo?

Kidaroo: I'm a tree-climbing assassin monkey.

Diesel: Kidaroo, you're just a human being. There's no way that people will believe that you're a monkey.

Kidaroo: Ha! You know I'm a human. I know I'm a human. But Joey doesn't know anything.

Diesel: You think?

Kidaroo: I know. Joey is just over the fence. He's at a birthday party for a neighbor's kid. When he leaves, I will pounce.

Diesel: Will that work?

Kidaroo: Of course it'll work. Once Joey sees that a tree-climbing assassin monkey is going to kill him, he'll give up so fast that...

(Suddenly, a kid, mistaking Kidaroo for a piñata, whacks Kidaroo with a baseball bat, causing him to fall out of the tree)

Joey: Oh, sorry kids. Looks like the piñata's over there.

Kid #1: Good. This one's a rip-off.

Kid #2: (pounds Kidaroo on the stomach) Give me candy! Candy! Candy!

Kidaroo: Why me?