Stephanie's dad-Diesel


Stephanie's mom-Kate


Stephanie gets revenge on her brother Terrance after he told her to go upstairs to her room for destroying the train.


Lucy: Stephanie, what's wrong? Did your brother Terrance carry you up to your room?

Stephanie: Yes, he did. Not only that, he spanked me real hard and dragged me up to my room.

Lucy: Thanks for telling me that. I will tell your parents about this. 

Stephanie's dad: (on phone) Who's calling?

Lucy: (on phone) This is Lucy Samantha McCall and I am one of Stephanie's best friends although we look similar to Cathy McCarthy. Anyway, I'm calling to say that your daughter got spanked by Terrance. Can you ground him instead?

Stephanie's dad: (on phone) Oh my God! Terrance is grounded!

(at home)

Stephanie's dad: Terrance, come downstairs now!

Terrance: What is it Mom and Dad?

Stephanie's dad: We had a talk with Lucy. She told me you spanked your sister real hard and dragged her up to her room! How could you do that to your little sister?

Terrance: Hold on a minute, she destroyed the train and I did that for her own good! I told her to go upstairs to her room!

Stephanie's dad: Well, only grownups discipline kids and telling people to go upstairs to their rooms is my job, not yours! Due to this, you are grounded for 100 days!

Stephanie's mom: I agree with your father! Go to your room now!

Terrance (running upstairs, Buzz Lightyear's sound effect) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Stephanie's dad: Stephanie, come downstairs.

Stephanie: What is it Mom and Dad?

Stephanie's dad: We just grounded your brother Terrance and yesterday, the train you destroyed is now repaired. You are now ungrounded. 

Stephanie's mom: You are now a good girl. You can watch Barney whenever you like and by the way, are you going swimming?

Stephanie: Why ask me that?

Stephanie's mom: Because you're wearing the same bikini top for the last 10 years. If you want, we can go swimming for real.

Stephanie: Great idea but first, I'm going to take off my skirt.

(Stephanie takes off skirt)

Stephanie: Now let's go swimming.