Slyan-Leah (Ivy)


Dylan (mentioned)

TJ (mentioned)

Courtney (mentioned)

Hubert (mentioned)


Question's dad-Diesel


Slyan's dad-Diesel

Slyan's mom-Kate


Slyan does a good job.


Slyan: So Cathy, are you in charge of me?

Cathy: Yes. Your parents are at work, Dylan is at a baseball game, TJ is watching a movie with his girlfriend Courtney and Hubert is at preschool.

Slyan: Wasn't that the same movie where Dylan ruined TJ and Courtney's date?

Cathy: Afraid so but TJ later got grounded for abusing Dylan.

Slyan: I'm hungry. Can I go to McDonald's?

Cathy: Yes. You can.

(at McDonald's)

Question: Dad, I said I wanted 20 chicken nuggets, medium fries, a large coke and an Oreo McFlurry this instant!

Question's dad: Question, I told you the items you want are $20 and I only have $10 so that's why I'm offering you a cheeseburger and fries!

Question: So you want to engage me!

Question's dad: Don't talk to me like that! Now Slyan and a bunch of customers are looking at us!

Question: Engage me! Engage me! Engage me! Engage me!

Question's dad: That's enough! We're leaving now!

Question: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(Diesel and Kate enter)

Slyan: Mom and Dad, what brings you here?

Slyan's dad: Since it was breaktime, we thought of stopping here.

Slyan's mom: I heard that a boy threw a tantrum over not getting what he wanted and I'm sure he'll be grounded for life.

Clerk: I agree with Diesel and Kate. I'm sure he's never allowed to come back to my restaurant forever. As for you Slyan, what can I get you?

Slyan: I want a happy meal with chocolate chip cookies.

Slyan's dad: That's a good choice. You are now ungrounded.