Cast Edit

  • Emma as Shreeky
  • Kidaroo as Male Japanese Police Officer
  • Salli as Sakura Shimano and Renge Midorihara
  • Brian as Sōta Midorihara, Male Japanese Prison Guards and Labor Camp Guards
  • Kendra as Shreeky's Mom
  • Lawrence as Shreeky's Dad
  • Ivy as Shimajirō Shimano, Kikko Hayashida and Sakurako Koinuma
  • Shy Girl as Mimirin Midorihara
  • Diesel as himself
  • Kimberly as Tina

Transcript Edit

(August 20, 2017)

Shreeky: Man! This largest Nintendo store is completely lame! I know, I'll plant a extremely maximum powerful highly explosive gigantic mega bomb to destroy the whole entire GoAnimate City Omega Mall! Ha! (X30)

[Shreeky planted the extremely maximum powerful highly explosive gigantic mega bomb and she ran off to safety as Sakurako Koinuma walked in and noticed the bomb Shreeky had planted]

Sakurako Koinuma: Oh no! A bomb! I gotta run!

[Sakurako Koinuma ran for her life as the extremely maximum powerful highly explosive gigantic mega bomb Shreeky planted detonated and exploded at full maximum omega power, killing over 200 million innocent people, destroying whole entire families and completely destroying the whole entire GoAnimate City Omega Mall]


[Cut to: Shreeky's living room. Shreeky and her dad are watching TV]

Shreeky's Dad: Let's watch the news.

[There is the news]

Sakura Shimano: We are entering this program with some breaking news flash. The GoAnimate City Omega Mall has been bombed and completely destroyed today. More than 200 million people died, killing whole entire families and more than 198 million people were injured. We'll be having some interviews with the eyewitnesses.

Kikko Hayashida: Akio Toriyama and I were having lunch at Burger King at the food court and suddenly the bomb went off! Thank God, Akio and I didn't get hurt! Akio and I heard screaming, panicking and crying from families! I was so scared for my life and Akio Toriyama's life! Akio Toriyama and I know who did this! It was Shreeky! She's the one who planted the bomb into the GoAnimate City Omega Mall and exploded it after 10 minutes. We have to run as fast as we could!

Shimajirō: Mimirin and I were walking into the Disney store to look at Disney VHS tapes, DVDs and Blu-rays, Star Wars merchandise, Marvel merchandise, Disney clothing, Disney bed sheets, Disney pillows, Disney blankets, Disney lunch boxes, Disney toys, Disney shoes and Disney backpacks and suddenly, we saw Shreeky walking into the Disney store planning to bomb the whole entire GoAnimate City Omega Mall! Mimirin and I have to run as fast as we could!

Mimirin: And Shreeky, If you are watching this, you have severely injured several of James Midorihara's classmates and now you're gonna have to pay all of the hospital bills! We hate you, Shreeky!

Shimajirō: I agree with Mimirin! Even worse, you have severely killed whole entire families, killed 80 million innocent Challenge Island Kindergartners and their whole entire families as well. You should be grounded by your parents and get sent to Mental People's Home in Madison, Wisconsin! You are considered to be the worst person in the world!

Mimirin: I agree with Shimajirō.

Sōta Midorihara: Now we have Sakurako Koinuma, age 9. She thinks Shreeky really has something to do with this.

Sakurako Koinuma: Well, I was going to the Nintendo store to look at some Nintendo consoles and games, Pokémon DVDs, Pokémon trading cards and Mario and Pokémon toys, t shirts, bed sheets, stickers, lunch boxes, and backpacks and suddenly, I heard Shreeky walking outside the Nintendo store planning to bomb the whole entire GoAnimate City Omega Mall! I was so extremely scared for my life! I saw over 198 million people having oxygen masks hooked onto their faces and being put onto spinal boards for a long time, and over 200 million people died and whole entire families have been completely wiped out! And it's all your fault Shreeky! If you are watching this, you and your family will have to be paying a bill to repair the whole entire GoAnimate City Omega Mall with the worth of $980 trillion!!

Shreeky's Dad: [off-screen] What?! That will take forever to get all of that money!! Oh!! (X30) Shreeky, you're in so much trouble!

Sakurako Koinuma: You will also receive a restraining order from a police officer any minute!

Male Japanese Police Officer: This is Corporal Kazuo Hayashida of the GoAnimate City Police Department! I'm here to inform Shreeky that she needs to pay every hospital bill on those people! Into the parents of Shreeky, you'll be paying $5,000 for each person's hospital bill, including $980 trillion to repair the whole GoAnimate City Omega Mall!!

Shreeky's Dad: [off-screen] Oh! (X40) Shreeky, we cannot we have to pay $5,000 for each person's hospital bill! You're in so much trouble right now!!

Male Japanese Police Officer: This is all your fault, Shreeky!! You're the one who bombed the GoAnimate City Omega Mall!! And to Shreeky's parents, if you don't pay all these hospital bills until the 20th anniversary Lilo and Stich on June 21st, 2022, your daughter will be sent to maximum military security prison and you'll be getting a restraining order from the GoAnimate City Omega Mall once after it repairs! If you go 1,000 feet near the GoAnimate City Omega Mall, your daughter will be sent to maximum military security prison! You should ground your daughter, Shreeky and send her to Mental People's Home in Madison, Wisconsin because this is the worst act of terrorism she has ever done! This is even 100 million times worse than the 9/11 attacks!! That's all I have to say!! So goodbye forever and never come back!!!

Shreeky's Dad: [off-screen] Shreeky, you are in deep *bleep* now, you *bleep*ing whore!!

Renge Midorihara: We'll be right back with some interviews with the families after this 5 minute commercial break.

[Shreeky began crying as her dad began violently screaming and yelling at her as the screen turned red and started shaking after watching the news]


[Shreeky's mother came in and is extremely furious at Shreeky]

Shreeky's Mom: (1700% louder) Shreeky, what the *bleep*ing hell is wrong with you?! Are you *bleep*ing retarded, you whore *bleep* bastard?!! Oh my *bleep*ing god! You bombed the GoAnimate City Omega Mall and killed over 200 million people, completely wiping out whole entire families!! That does it! You are *bleep*ing grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded until the 10th anniversary of Aladdin Broadway in 2021! This means you'll be sent to Mental People's Home!

Shreeky: (900% louder) No! (X80) I hate Mental People's Home! Please don't send me to the Mental People's Home!

Shreeky's Mom: (1500% louder) Too bad! We will send you to the Mental People's Home anyway! Before that, we will throw the sent away party! I will take your laptop away! I will send this to the charity after I reset it to factory defaults permanently!

[Cut to: Shreeky's backyard. Shreeky's Dad is sitting on Shreeky]

Shreeky's Mom: Shreeky, the sent away party will now begin shortly. Your father sits on you while I start the music and let the people dance!

[Shreeky's Mom starts the music by playing Hip Hop on the radio and began dancing as her husband is sitting on Shreeky. Kento Koshiba, Asako Kageyama, Kirinta Kusano, Satomi Hiroyuki, Monta Kimura, Yasuko Minamoto, Marurin Sasaki, Rei Kobayashi, Fievel Mousekewitz, Olivia Flaversham, yungdeez100 and Uta Yumeno happily appear and began to join the sent away party and started dancing. They danced for 2 minutes and Shreeky's Mom turns of the radio and everyone stops dancing and the guests happily head home, ending the sent away party]

Shreeky's Mom: Now Shreeky, Tina, Diesel, the Japanese Elite Ops, the Taiwanese Elite Ops and the South Korean Elite Ops have arrived to take you away because they had watched the news of the deadliest terrorist attack you had committed today!

Tina: We are to collect Shreeky. We will go inside and pack up all of your Disney stuff made by Pixar and Lucasfilm and send to Challenge Island, Japan. We will also pack all of your Dragon Ball Z stuffs and send to Challenge Island, Japan and We will also pack all of your other stuff up and send to London, England!

Shreeky's Dad: Tina, the Japanese Elite Ops, the South Korean Elite Ops, the Taiwanese Elite Ops and your mother are going to pack all of your stuffs for you. before you go to Mental People's Home, I will put a nappy on you!

Shreeky: You better not put a *bleep*ing god dang nappy on me!! I'm too old to wear one of this piece of *bleep*, you mother*bleep*ing bastard!!

Shreeky's Dad: Sorry Shreeky but this is for bombing the GoAnimate City Omega Mall, killing over 200 million innocent people and wiping out whole entire families!

Shreeky: (2000% louder) NO! (X50)

Shreeky's Dad: There! Now your nappy is now on and you will stay wearing nappies for the rest of the life!!

Shreeky's Mom: Now your stuffs are in the vans! They will bring your all of stuffs to the airport for the flight to London for the charity shop and will bring all of your Disney stuffs made by Lucasfilm and Pixar to the airport for the flight to Challenge Island, Japan for the Disney stores! Go now and don't come back ever because your father and I are getting a divorce permanently and breaking up forever! We are now abandoning this house and it's all your *bleep*ing fault you had completely destroyed this whole family!

Tina: Come with us, Shreeky! You will go to Madison, Wisconsin! These packages will be going to Hillington, London! Shreeky, if you go to London, you'll get executed!

(At Tina and Diesel's car, Shreeky was crying)

Tina: Stop crying, Shreeky! Stop crying like a *bleep* baby, you *bleep* whore *bleep* bastard! You are nothing but a whore *bleep* Jew!!

Diesel: Now I'll call the guards on you!

[The Japanese prison guards soon took Shreeky to the Mental People's Home's Labor Camp 1]

Labor Camp Guard: Get to work!!

[Shreeky soon got to work on the vegetable farm at the Mental People's Home's Labor Camp 1 as some militarized Japanese prison guards whipped her.]

[50 million militarized Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean prison guards brutally tortured the Mental People's Home's patients with the use of North Korean, Chinese and Imperial Japanese torture methods.]