Shawn Brunner-Steven



Zara's mom-Kimberly




Jet-Young Guy


Shawn Brunner gets ungrounded for grounding Zara.


Shawn Brunner: Zara Dawson, you are grounded grounded grounded for one octillion years for grounding Erika! Go to your room now!

(Zara enters angry)

Shawn Brunner: Yeah! I grounded Erika!

Zara: There he is! The one that grounded me for grounding Erika!

Zara's mom: Well, good!

Zara: Why?

Erika: Because you grounded me for misbehaving at Taco Bell!

Zara: Hold on, she threw a breakdown!

Zara's mom: It doesn't freaking matter! You are not Erika's mom, I am! Go to your room!

Zara (running upstairs): (Jazzi's no soundclip)

Zara's mom: And as for you Erika, I'm sorry for letting Zara go to Taco Bell with you. The reason was because we thought we would be back the day before you went to Taco Bell but our plane was delayed. Shawn Brunner, go home while I call Sebby S Truesdail, Dylan and Emily.

(at home)

Dylan: Shawn Brunner, thank you for grounding Zara.

Emily: And if you wish to know why I'm here with my former boyfriend, it's because Boris really wanted a wife so he chose me.

Shawn Brunner: What happened to his former wife Doris?

Emily: It's because she got executed due to murdering the clerk at Pizza Hut, which is highly against the law. Also, the jury found her guilty of murder.

Sebby: You are now ungrounded. For your reward, Jet is not going to kill you. Instead, he will give you $500.

Jet: Shawn Brunner, here's $500 for grounding Zara.


This is the sequel to Erika misbehaves at Taco Bell.