(July 17, 2017)

Scootatoo: I'm going to revive Ratso Catso because he got executed for making Azura cry by throwing the cake at her and destroying the Main Event during her birthday.

[Scootatoo walks away]

[When Scootatoo got to the cemetery]

Scootatoo: OK, now to put that 1 up mushroom on Ratso Catso's grave and then he'll be back to life.

[Scootatoo puts 1 up mushroom on Ratso Catso's grave. Ratso Catso gets revived]

Ratso Catso: Thank you, Scootatoo. You revived me.

Scootatoo: You're welcome, Ratso Catso.

[Mike, Julie and Scootatoo's parents appear]

Ratso Catso: Oh no! It's our parents!

Scootatoo's Dad: Scootatoo!

Mike: Ratso Catso!

Scootatoo's Dad: