Sarah's Great Escape is a GoAnimate fantasy comedy movie based on the 1999 UbiSoft video game, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, with elements of Disney movies and the X-Men series. The film is rated PG and created by Sarah West. The movie short for this film is Buddy VS Lawn Mower.


Sarah owns a journal, which she calls "Diary of an Incidental Woman", but doesn't feel like the things she writes about are worth being told. Sarah is facing quite a few problems in her life. She's a freshman in college, and she worries about fitting in. She's unsure about herself since she's clumsy, forgetful, and naive. She's also concerned that she might be maturing more slowly than other young adults. She's always in her comfort zone, a world filled with cartoons and video games, but she isn't sure if she can manage stepping out of that comfort zone and entering the real world. However, that all changes when she enters a lab and is exposed to chemicals that give her superpowers. Now, with Robo-Pirates invading the galaxy, she will have to save the world once more while learning how to control her new superpowers. During her adventure, she learns something new about herself.


The movie starts with Sarah writing in her journal. She writes about how people see her as "clumsy, clueless, and totally careless". She writes about her daily problems: Fitting in at school, maturing more slowly than other people her age, and trying to step out of her "comfort zone" and getting ready to enter the "real world". She says that she heard that being 20 means that she can enjoy adventure, partying, or just try to get her life adjusted. Sarah doesn't feel like she belongs in any group. 



  • This film takes place after the events of Sarah and the Legacies of NIMH.
  • The movie short for this film is Azura's Adventures: Azura the queen of the monsters.