• Luna Minami: Man, I can't believe Tsunoda won't let me get the Save Ums on DVD. I know, I will touch her feet. Ha! (X30)
  • [Cut to: Roxie Raccoon's 3 story house in Maple Town, Canada. Roxie Raccoon and her future human husband her age Richard Tseng are sleeping peacefully in the queen sized bed, having a nice nap and their feet are showing while they're peeking out from under the blankets.]
  • SallyJones1998: Now this is my chance.
  • [SallyJones1998 starts touching Roxie Raccoon's feet. She first begin to play This Little Piggie with Roxie Raccoon's toes, causing her to giggle in her sleep.]
  • Tsunoda: Hmhmhmhm. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.
  • [Tsunoda wakes up and becomes shocked to see that her feet are being touched by Luna Minami.]
  • Tsunoda: Luna Minami, stop touching my feet.
  • Luna Minami: No.