Transcript Part 1: SallyJones1998 tickle torture GiffanyEdit

  • [June 12th, 2017]
  • SallyJones1998: Man, I can't believe I got sent to my room after misbehaving at Sam Simon's funeral. What should I do today?
  • SallyJones1998: I know, I will tickle Giffany's feet for no reason with acrylic paint just like Moe and Joe did to Azura.
  • [Cut to: The Lakeside]
  • [We zoom into Giffany's house in the Lakeside. It is a very nice and peaceful summer morning. It's 8:00 A.M. It is very hot, but good thing Giffany is inside so she won't get sunbured. There is 6 days away before Father's day. We see Giffany, one of the Room Academy 7 girls, sleeping peacefully in her bed with her Spark Mandrill plush in her arms. She is having a very good dream about going out on a date with her boyfriend, Soos.]
  • [SallyJones1998 snuck into Giffany's house without being spotted and noticed, she quietly went up the stair straight up to the second floor, and she entered Giffany's room without permission]
  • Giffany: (In Homer Simpson's Voice) Why you little! (Changes to Salli voice) what are you doing to me?

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