Rocking Ralph


Rocking Ralph was a rockstar. He was made by African Vulture.

Appearance Edit

Ralph has black hair and red eyes. He was seen wearing a dark gray t shirt (originally black) with red lining, red pants, dark gray gloves (originally black), a light gray collar, light blue ear shards, a red baseball cap, and red shoes with black lining.

Attire Edit

When Ralph goes swimming, he wears bright blue swimming trunks with light blue lining, dark blue sandals, and a jade blue baseball cap.

When Ralph attends a camping trip or a sleepover, he wears alligator pajamas (which consists of bright pink footie pajamas with green alligators in them.) and green slippers.

When Ralph attends World War II, he wears a green shirt with pockets, green pants, black shoes, usual gloves, and a green biker helmet.

When Ralph goes west, he wears a brown shirt with pockets, blue pants, brown cowboy boots, and a brown cowboy hat with a red rimband.

As an indian, he wears a light orange powwow shirt and a powwow hat and a red rimband, along with his usual shoes and usual gloves

As a fox, he wears his usual t shirt, usual pants, and usual baseball cap, along with orange cat ears, a black nose, and orange sneakers.

His alternate fox outfit consists of his usual t shirt, usual pants, usual shoes, orange bandana, and usual baseball cap, along with orange cat ears and whiskers.

As a prince, he wears a red robe with yellow lining, his usual gloves, black boots with red lining, and a yellow crown..

Questions and Answers: Edit

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