Ratso Catso: (CRYING)

Julie: Stop crying, Ratso Catso! this is all your fault! stop crying like a big baby!

Narrator: The Next Day, Ratso Catso got grounded until the 20th anniversary of The Lion King Broadway, and Ratso Catso will have no bullying people, no anything made by Paramount, Nickelodeon, Spike, Max Fleischer, Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Seth MacFarlane, Matt Groening, Mike Judge, Loren Bouchard, Nelvana, Hasbro, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Sony Pictures Animation, DreamWorks, FremantleMedia, Blue Sky Studios, FUNimation, Activision, Ubisoft, Mojang, and Scott Cawthon, no Justin Bieber, no Rebecca Black, no One Direction, no Daler Mehndi, no Maroon 5, no Flo-Rida, no Meghan Trainor, no other rap music artists that he likes, no Xbox or Playstation video games, no Pepsi beverages, and many more and will call mforced to babysit Kikko Hayashida and Akio Toriyama starting this afternoon and Mike and Julie called Horace N. Buggy to donate everything in his room to charity except for his bed and blanket and replace them with PBS Kids, Shimajirō, Nintendo, Disney, Universal and all of the merchandise.

Julie: Thank you for donating everything in Ratso Catso's room to charity except for his bed and blanket, Horace N. Buggy! He deserves it for making grounded videos out of good users and for kicking Wowser. Ratso Catso will be forced to watch PBS Kids shows everyday for his entire life. He will be forced to babysit Kikko Hayashida and Akio Toriyama starting this afternoon.

Narrator: Meanwhile at the courtyard, Blondie Lockes is Crying about Ratso Catso misbehaving at KFC.

Blondie Lockes: (CRYING)

Marco Diaz: Blondie, I'm sorry

Star Butterfly: No Marco! it wasn't your fault!

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