Fire Emblem if (Fates) - CG Cutscene Curse of Nihility (Turn on 720p60!)00:40

Fire Emblem if (Fates) - CG Cutscene Curse of Nihility (Turn on 720p60!)

Azura's reaction after she got kicked down the stairs by Ratso Catso


  • (August 2, 2017)
  • [Cut to: The School hallway]
  • (It is currently the school passing period and everyone is roaming around the hallways both downstairs and upstairs. One student named Azura is upstairs with her friends Phoebe, Margie, Drago, and Boone looking at the view of the School campus inside and outside while humming her song)
  • [We see Ratso Catso Scheming downstairs about doing something to Azura]
  • Ratso Catso: "I am going to kick Azura by putting something slippery on the steps"
  • [Ratso Catso puts a banana peel on one of the steps]
  • [Azura then walks down the stairs until she slipped on a banana peel]
  • [Azura tumbles downstairs while screaming like Zora Link from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask, breaking her left foot and right arm]
  • Ratso Catso: Ha (20X) that's what you get for being the most annoying songstress!
  • [Fire Emblem If: Curse Of The Void cutscene plays]

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