Wowser: Wow I love this Ivory Soap Advertisement from the 1940.

Wowser, Jr: Me, Too, don't you like it, Ratso Catso?

Ratso Catso: No! I do not like this dirty 1940 Ivory Soap Advertisement it is so stupid! and I was not born in 1940! you white polar bear troublemakers!

Wowser: We are going home right now. and when we get home, Ratso Catso, you will go straight to bed and there will be no anything made by Pixar, Viacom, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Matt Groening, Seth MacFarlane, Loren Bouchard, Mike Judgge, Hasbro, Michael Bay, Video Brinquedo, FremantleMedia, Thunderbean Animation, Max Fleischer, Blue Sky Studios, Funimation, Activision, Ubisoft, Mojang, and Scott Cawthon!

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