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Part 1: Ratso Catso Kidnaps and Tickle Tortures Mimirin and Gets Sent To North KoreaEdit

(July 27, 2017)

Ratso Catso: Man. I am so bored. What am I going to do instead of sitting watching Shimajirō: A World of Wow on the TV Tokyo Preschool Channel everyday as a punishment for making a fake VHS opening yesterday. I know. I'll kidnap Shimajirō Shimano's girlfriend, Mimirin Midorihara and tickle her feet because she won't let me buy any Ni Hao, Kai-lan DVDs

(It is 12:25 P.M. and Mimirin Midorihara happily ate her lunch she got from Burger King and went to the bathroom to use the toilet and he flushed after using the toilet and went to the sink to wash her hands with soap and water and happily brushed her teeth and used mouthwash and he soon relaxed in bed.]

Ratso Catso: Alright Kirinta, time to kidnap you

Mimirin: Nooooooooooooooooo!

(Cut to: the park)

Ratso Catso: (in Captain Underpants's voice): Tra La Laaa! (Changes to Maliyan Evans voice) You, are now trapped, now can you make fake VHS openings?

Mimirin: No, that is not going to work!!

Ratso Catso: okay, I am gonna take your shoes and socks off

(Ratso Catso then takes Mimirin's shoes and socks off exposing her soft and silky feet)

Ratso Catso: Okay then, tickle torture time in three two one!

[Ratso Catso began to tickle Mimirin's feet with the feather, she doesn't like it at all!]


(20 minutes later)

[Mimirin is catching is breath and she is panting from laughing very hard.]

Ratso Catso: Wow, you are a sweet, innocent and cute ticklish Japanese girl rabbit. Now, can you make 2 Fake VHS openings?!

Mimirin: Never! You stupid cat!

Ratso Catso: "Okay, you ask for it!

[Ratso Catso began to tickle Mimirin's toes with the feather and it made her laugh even harder and wiggle her toes! That poor 8 year old Japanese girl rabbit can't take that tickle torture any longer! Ratso Catso will be in serious trouble for this!]


Shimajirō: Don't worry, Mimirin, sweetie. We are here to save you and as for you, Ratso Catso, you are in dead extremely massive dead meat now!!!

Shimajirō Shimano and his friends, classmates and allies angrily surrounded Ratso Catso and began pummeling him. This action is completely censored.]

Ratso Catso: Mom, where am I going for capturing Mimirin and tickling her feet for no reason?

Julie: You're going to North Korea for your punishment, and if you escape from North Korea, you'll be grounded even more!

[At the GoAnimate City Omega International Airport]

Mimirin Midorihara's Naptime Feet WorshipEdit

  • Mimirin: Shimajirō, thanks for saving me.
  • Shimajirō: You're welcome sweetie.
  • [Shimajirō Shimano and Mimirin Midorihara hugged and kissed each other. They happily went to the bathroom to use the toilet. They soon flushed after using the toilet and went to the sink to wash their hands with soap and water and soon took a nice cool shower. They happily washed up and are soon nice and clean. They happily got out of the shower after turning off the water and soon dried off with fresh clean towels and lotioned up. They putted on new clothes and happily brushed their teeth and used mouthwash. Mimirin Midorihara putted on the air conditioner in her bedroom with the temperature set to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the fan on high. Mimirin Midorihara and Shimajirō Shimano relaxed in bed. They have their socks off. It is now 1:00 P.M.]
  • [Mimirin began to yawn and Shimajirō began to notice her yawning.]
  • Shimajirō: Mimirin, are you ok?
  • Mimirin: Yes. [yawns again] I'm okay, but [yawns again] I'm very tired from all of that laughing when Ratso Catso kidnapped me and tickled my feet.
  • Shimajirō: I know, Mimirin. All of that laughing sure made you feel extremely tired and sleepy.
  • Mimirin: [yawns] I know. [yawns again] Can you please worship my feet to help me sleep? We're ready for a nice long nap.
  • Shimajirō: Yes, Mimirin.
  • [Shimajirō Shimano felt very sorry for Mimirin Midorihara and began nicely massaging her feet.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara felt her body immediately beginning to relax as she saw Shimajirō Shimano nicely massaging her feet, pressing his thumbs gently against the soft soles before him.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara wiggled her toes cutely as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her feet with pure kindness, causing her to moan with pure delight.]
  • Mimirin: [begins moaning with pleasure] Ooooooooh...Shimajirō. This is so nice.
  • [Mimirin Midorihara happily wiggled her toes again as Shimajirō Shimano continues massaging her feet with heavenly pleasure. She seems to be extremely exhausted. Poor thing.]
  • Mimirin: [continues moaning with pure pleasure] Shimajirō , this is so peaceful...
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued moaning with heavenly pleasure as Shimajirō Shimano continues massaging her feet with heavenly delight.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara yawned as she wiggled her toes cutely 12 times while Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her soles with pure heavenly delight. Shimajirō Shimano has became extremely more foot fetish for Mimirin Midorihara's feet everytime he worships them to help her sleep. Mimirin Midorihara is feeling very relaxed and peaceful as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her feet with pure heavenly pleasure. She never felt this relaxed before in her life.]
  • Mimirin: [continues moaning with heavenly delight] Thanks, Shimajirō. This is a very good feeling for are like my feet worshipper to help me rest and sleep peacefully in bed........
  • Shimajirō: Thanks, Mimirin. You sure are very exhausted. A nice foot worship will help you fall asleep peacefully in bed.
  • Mimirin: [yawns] Yes...I know..
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued wiggling her toes as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her feet with heavenly pleasure while she continued moaning with heavenly delight. She is extremely exhausted from all that intense bawling due to Ratso Catso making fun of her during The Lion King. Mimirin Midorihara's soles are very soft and her white fur is very nice snd soft. Shimajirō Shimano has became extremely more foot fetish for Mimirin Midoihara's feet everytime he worships them to help her sleep. Everytime Shimajirō Shimano happily sees Mimirin Midorihara wiggle her toes cutely while she is showing off her feet while sitting down or nicely wiggle her toes in front of him, he nicely worships her feet to help her rest and sleep peacefully.]
  • Mimirin: [continues on moaning with pure happiness and pleasure] Oooooooooooh......Shimajirō . so....peaceful and heavenly. You' my feet help me sleep peacefully in bed. I'm ready to.....[yawns] go to sleep.........
  • [Mimirin Midorihara yawned and fell asleep as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her feet with pure pleasure. She is completely exhausted and tired due to Dora tickle torturing her. Thank goodness Mimirin is sleeping peacefully as Shimajirō continued massaging her soles with heavenly pleasure.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued sleeping very peacefully in bed as Shimajirō Shimano continues massaging her feet with heavenly delight.]
  • Mimirin: [happily sighs while moaning with pure pleasure] Oooooooooooooooooohhhh.....this is so nice....
  • [Mimirin Midorihara moaned with pure pleasure in her slumber as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her soles for 30 minutes and began nicely massaging her toes gently with pure delight.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued sleeping like an angel as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her toes gently with pure heavenly delight without hurting her.]
  • Mimirin [moans with delight in sleep] Ooooooohhhh........Shimajirō-san.......this
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued sleeping heavenly as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her toes for 30 minutes began licking her soles.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara moaned with heavenly pleasure in her sleep as Shimajirō Shimano continued licking her soles with pure pleasure.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara slept peacefully as Shimajirō Shimano continues licking her soles with pure pleasure. Shimajirō Shimano likes the sweet taste of Mimirin Midorihara's soles. Her soles taste like vanilla ice cream. it caused Shimajirō Shimano to purr as he continued worshipping Mimirin Midorihara's feet.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued moaning with pure heavenly pleasure in her sleep as Shimajirō Shimano continued sucking on her toes with pleasure.]
  • Mimirin: Thanks, Shimajirō. This is the best foot worship ever. You can worship my feet as long as you like.
  • Shimajirō: You're welcome, Mimirin.
  • [Shimajirō Shimano continued worshipping Mimirin Midorihara's feet with heavenly pleasure.]
  • Mimirin: [continues moaning with pleasure in her sleep.] Oooooooooooooooooooooohh....yes......keep worshipping my feet.
  • [Mimirin Midorihara continued moaning in her sleep as Shimajirō Shimano continues sucking on her toes with heavenly pleasure.]
  • [Mimirin Midorihara slept peacefully as Shimajirō Shimano continues worshipping her feet as long as he likes. This is a very good feeling for her.]
  • [Shimajirō Shimano continued worshipping Mimirin Midorihara's feet with heavenly pleasure.]

Part 3 Finale: Ratso Catso Arrives In North KoreaEdit

Ratso Catso: [speaking in Korean] O, andwae. Naneun hangug-eoleul malhagoissda. Nae insaeng-i igeosboda del aghwa doel su issseubnikka? (Translation: Oh no. I am speaking Korean. Can my life get any worse than this?)