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Asako Kageyama

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Drew Pickles












Mrs finster

Principal Prickly


Part 1: Ratso Catso Tickle Tortures Kirinta KusanoEdit

(July 26, 2017)

Ratso Catso: Man. I am so bored. What am I going to do instead of sitting watching Shimajirō: A World of Wow on the TV Tokyo Preschool. I know. I'll kidnap Kento Koshiba and tickle his feet because he won't let me buy Inside Out on Blu-ray!

(Cut to: Challenge Island, Japan)

Ratso Catso: Right then, Kento Koshiba, this time, I am going to kidnap you

Kento Koshiba: (in Spike's voice) Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Ratso Catso: (in Captain Underpants's voice): Tra La Laaa! (Changes to Maliyan Evans voice) you, are now trapped, now can you make fake VHS openings?

Kirinta Kusano: No, that is not going to work

Ratso Catso: okay, I am gonna take your shoes and socks off

(Ratso catso then takes Kento Koshiba's shoes and socks off)

Ratso Catso: Okay then, tickle torture time in three two one!

[Ratso Catso began to tickle Kirinta Kusnao's feet with the feather, he doesn't like it at all!]


(20 minutes later)

Ratso Catso: "Now, can you make 2 Fake VHS openings?!

Kento Koshiba: Never! You stupid cat!

Ratso Catso: "Okay, you ask for it!

[Ratso Catso began to tickle Kento Koshiba's toes with the feather and it made him laugh even harder and wiggle his toes! That poor 8 year old Japanese boy shiba inu can't take that tickle torture any longer! Ratso Catso will be in serious trouble for this!]


Shimajirō: Don't worry, Kento Koshiba. We are here to save you and as for you, Ratso Catso, you are in dead meat now!!

[Shimajirō Shimano and his friends, classmates and allies angrily surrounded Ratso Catso and began pummeling him. This action is completely censored.]

(5 minutes later)

Ratso Catso: Huh?! What happened? Where am I?!

Epilouge: Angelica pickles gets grounded and gets warren style punishments

Drew pickles: Angelica, how dare you make fun of kento, you know kento got tickled tortured by ratso catso, that is it, Your grounded for ultra reality

Charlotte Pickles: go to your room now

Angelica Pickles: shut up, drew and Charlotte, I wish you four are dead

Henry: oh! (6x) how dare you wish us dead

June: that's it, we are calling the luba and friends gang, the winx club and two teachers!

Drew pickles: wow, look at that angelica pickles, someone is here to see you

Henry: and you know what they are going to teach you

June: that's right, they are giving you punishments

Luba: I'm luba, everybody knows ratso catso tickle tortured kento and it is not nice for you to do that

Jack: I'm Jack, and iris, giffany, dark magician girl and azura are better than you

Niki: I'm niki, and we should never invited you to reptar land

Steve: I'm steve, and you are the worst Nicktoons character ever

Tecna: I'm tecna

Flora: I'm flora

Musa: I'm musa

Stella: I'm Stella

Bloom: and i'm bloom, and we're winx club, and you are worse than Icy, darcy and stormy

Mrs finster: I'm Mrs Finster, and you are the worst kid I ever seen in my classroom

Principal Prickly: and I'm principal prickly, and you are considering to be the worst 4th grade student that I am going to be having for the 2017 to 2018 school year

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