Ratso Catso


Ratso Catso: Hi, I am Ratso Catso. Today, I am going to shoot everyone at school.

[Ratso Catso brought a minigun equipped with highly powerful flamethrowers, heat seeking rocket launchers, and grenade launchers and began his massive terroristic killing spree.]

Principal Eric: (over the loudspeakers) Attention everyone, we have a Code Red! I repeat, we have a Code Red! A student brought a minigun to school and is shooting everyone like crazy. Please lock your doors, turn off the lights, close your curtains, hide under your desks and run for your lives!!

Ratso Catso: [in Kidaroo voice] YOU ALL BETTER COME BACK HERE BEFORE I F***ING KILL YOU!!!!!

Julie: So, Ratso Catso, how was your day?

Ratso Catso: It was good.

Mike: Now let's see what's on the news.

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