Shimajirō Shimano, Mimirin Midorihara and Kikko Hayashida want to see The Lion King at the GoAnimate Omega Cinemas, but Ratso Catso doesn't like The Lion King because Mimirin Midorihara gets tearfully emotional over Mufasa's death. Soon, Ratso Catso made all of the excuses and made Shimajirō Shimano, Mimirin Midorihara and Kikko Hayashida late to The Lion King, thus making Kikko Hayashida cry. Ratso Catso soon got grounded by Shimajirō Shimano and Mimirin Midorihara and got beaten up by Nyakkii Momoyama. Soon, Kikko Hayashida ia brought home and she is crying in bed due to Ratso Catso making her miss the whole movie. Akio Toriyama appears and comforts Kikko Hayashida in bed.


Ratso Catso

Shimajirō Shimano

Mimirin Midorihara

Kikko Hayashida

Akio Toriyama


(July 19, 2017)

Shimajirō: Hey, Ratso Catso. We are going to the GoAnimate Omega Cinemas to see The Lion King because Kikko Hayashida wants to see it

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