After misbehaving at Azura's birthday, Ratso Catso gets sent to jail for 55 minutes, then he gets executed after all of his fur gets shaved.


  • David as Ratso Catso


Part 1: Ratso Catso The Murderer and TerroristEdit

Nyakkii: "Oh my god, Ratso Catso unbanned himself from YouTube and GoAnimate! He are supposed to be banned forever! I better go to his house once and for all!"

[Nyakkii leaves her home located on Kodomo Challenge Street, GoAnimate City and goes over to Ratso Catso' house]

[15 minutes later]

Kento Koshiba: "This is where Ratso Catso lives!"

[Kento Koshiba enter Ratso Catso's house]

Nyakkii: "What did Ratso Catso do?!"

Julie: "Well, he told us to burn in hell! We told him no to do it, but no, he really disobeyed us!"

Kento Koshiba: "Ratso Catso, you have gone way too far!"

Asako: "I agree with my boyfriend, you will be wearing nappies forever!"

Kirinta Kusano: "You will receive home detention for the rest of the life!"

Ratso Catso: "Wait, don't do that, please! I have something to tell you, and Mimirin, you will cry huge time?"

Guy: Then what is it?!

Ratso Catso: "I killed 1,000 people and killed a young android named Ciel!"

(Everyone becomes shocked as a Dun Dun Dun sound effect played as everyone else becomes very furious at Ratso Catso)

Mike: Oh my God! Ratso Catso! How dare you kill 1,000 people after destroying the main event on Azura's birthday?!

(Script in progress)


  • This is the only video in the Ratso Catso Gets Grounded Series where Ratso Catso gets executed on an electric chair before future GoAnimate videos get executed by monsters since there's too many electric chair execution videos.