After misbehaving at Azura's birthday, Ratso Catso gets sent to jail for 55 minutes, then he gets executed from Annet Myer's flamethrower after all of his fur gets shaved.


  • Julie as Annet Myer


Part 1: Ratso Catso The Murderer and TerroristEdit

Nyakkii: "Oh my god, Ratso Catso unbanned himself from YouTube and GoAnimate! He are supposed to be banned forever! I better go to his house once and for all!"

[Nyakkii leaves her home located on Kodomo Challenge Street, GoAnimate City and goes over to Ratso Catso' house]

[15 minutes later]

Kento Koshiba: "This is where Ratso Catso lives!"

[Kento Koshiba enter Ratso Catso's house]

Nyakkii: "What did Ratso Catso do?!"

Julie: "Well, he told us to burn in hell! We told him no to do it, but no, he really disobeyed us!"

Kento Koshiba: "Ratso Catso, you have gone way too far!"

Asako: "I agree with my boyfriend, you will be wearing nappies forever!"

Kirinta Kusano: "You will receive home detention for the rest of the life!"

Ratso Catso: "Wait, don't do that, please! I have something to tell you, and Mimirin, you will cry huge time?"

Guy: Then what is it?!

Ratso Catso: "I killed 26 Challenge Island Police Department officers and 1,000 people, killed a young android named Ciel!"

(Everyone becomes shocked as a Dun Dun Dun sound effect played as everyone else becomes very furious at Ratso Catso)

Mike: Oh my God! Ratso Catso! How dare you kill thirty Challenge Island Police Officers after destroying the main event on Azura's birthday?!

(Script in progress)

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