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Yasuko Minamoto

Kento Koshiba

Asako Kageyama

Kikko Hayashida

Akio Toriyama

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Rei Kobayashi

Sakurako Koinuma

Senichi Tanaka

Nyakkii Momoyama

Mitsuo Kawashima

Tamasaburo Hyodo

Katsumi Tachibana

Kumakki Mashiro

Kazuo Matsukata


Part 1: Ratso Catso Makes Fun Of Mimirin Midorihara During The Lion KingEdit

(GoAnimate City, USA, July 29, 2017, 6:30 P.M.. It is a very peaceful evening. Shimajirō Shimano and his friends and classmates are watching The Lion King. However, Ratso Catso is not behaving at all.)

Ratso Catso: Ha! (X20) Mimirin Midorihara, due to being sad over Mufasa's death, you're such a crybaby! You are a crybaby! (X10) 

[Ratso Catso began singing You're Such A Crybaby to Mimirin Midorihara in the style of Notes In Your Lunchbag from Bizaardvark.]

Ratso Catso: You're just a dumb crybaby in the world. Whimpering like a puppy. Scared of bugs you are, whimping like a puppy.

Ratso Catso and Chorus: You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! It's so embarrassing that you're sad! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha ha, ha! You're so very pathetic!

Ratso Catso: Tears are streaming down your face, and there's no way to stop your crying. Sadness is endless, it's a death sentence. You're just so pathetic. Wish you could stop bawling, but you're just a crybaby.

Ratso Catso and Chorus: You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! It's so embarrassing that you're sad! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha ha, ha! You're so very pathetic!

Ratso Catso and Chorus: You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha! You are such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! You're such a crybaby! It's so embarrassing that you're sad! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha! You're such a crybaby!!

[Mimirin began to cry even mega hardest to the point she cried a massive, enormous, colossal and gigantic wave of tears, flooding the entire GoAnimate Omega Cinemas, killing over 20,000 people, injuring over 18,000 people and causing everyone to panic and run for their lives]

Shimajirō: (with Scary Voice 5000% louder with black background surrounded by flames) OH!!! (X60) RATSO CATSO!!! (X10) GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! YOU HAVE DONE ANOTHER BAD THING ONCE AGAIN!!!!_YOU....ARE....IN.....VERY......BIG (X30) TROUBLE AND IN MEGA HYPER DEAD MEAT!!!!

[Cut to: Outside Ratso Catso's 3 story house. A bus is seen driving to the sidewalk as the Scary sound effect played really loudly.]

[Cut to: The living room]

Shimajirō: Ratso Catso, how bloody dare you make fun of my girlfriend Mimirin Midorihara and made her cry a massive, enormous, and gigantic tsunami of tears to flood the whole GoAnimate Omega Cinemas due to the sad scene in The Lion King over Mufasa's death. Now, we're gonna have to pay $900,000 to repair the whole GoAnimate Omega Cinemas!!!

Kento Koshiba: I agree with Shimajirō!

Asako Kageyama: You probably killed over 20,000 people because of what you did to Mimirin!!

Mitsuo Kawashima: Even worse, you just killed whole entire families!!!

Nyakkii: And thanks to you, we will also be paying over 18,000 hospital bills because of what you did to make Mimirin bawl!

Torippii: And we will be going to the funeral of the people that were killed by Mimirin's massive and gigantic tsunami of tears!!

Sakurako Koinuma: Why would you make Mimirin cry like that?! Why?! (X10) You should know doing that kind of stuff like that can really make Mimirin Midorihara cry extremely mega harder, you stupid ugly cat!!!

Shimajirō: That's it, you are so mega grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded super big time!! Go to bed right now while I order The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Mulan, Aladdin, Moana, and Frozen DVDs from Amazon. And starting tomorrow you will watch Beauty and the Beast (2017) at the GoAnimate Omega Cinemas with me and my friends and classmates! And Also, for making fun of my girlffriend during The Lion King, there will be no Burger King for you either!!

Part 2 Finale: Shimajirō Comforts Mimirin/Mimirin's Bedtime Feet WorshipEdit

[Meanwhile, Mimirin is whimpering, sniffling, sobbing and crying in distraught with tears streaming down her face and spilling from her eyes like a water hose at full blast, Shimajiro is comforting her with a hug and with his purring.}

Shimajirō: It's okay, Mimirin. Ratso Catso got sent to bed early. He won't make you cry again.

Mimirin: [continues crying and sobbing hysterically] Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I know! [Sniffles] Mufasa's death is one of the saddest Disney moments in history!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!

Shimajirō: It's okay to cry, Mimirin. Nyakkii Momoyama and Mitsuo Kawashima are making us and our friends and classmates waffles and French toast for dinner.

Mimirin: [sniffles] Really? Thanks for cheering me. I will feel happy when Nyakkii Momoyama and Mitsuo Kawashima make us pancakes, waffles and French toast.

[Mimirin Midorihara began sobbing quietly as Shimajirō Shimano continued comforting her with his both his hug and his purring until she stops crying.]

[Shimajirō Shimano and Mimirin Midorihara hugged and kissed each other. They and their friends and classmates soon had waffles and French toast Nyakkii Momoyama and Mitsuo Kawashima made for dinner. They had chocolate and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Shimajirō Shimano and Mimirin Midorihara are nice and full. They happily showered and brush their teeth and used mouthwash. All nice and clean. Shimajirō Shimano and Mimirin Midorihara are all nice and comfy in their PJs. They soon relaxed in bed together with the air conditioner on set to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the fan on high.]

[Mimirin began to yawn and Shimajirō began to notice her yawning.]

Shimajirō: Mimirin, are you ok?

Mimirin: Yes. [yawns again] I'm okay, but [yawns again] I'm extremely tired and exhausted from all that bawling after Ratso Catso called me a crybaby and made fun of me.

Shimajirō: I know, Mimirin. All of that intense bawling sure made you feel extremely tired and sleepy. You were bawling extremely mega harder like crazy when Ratso Catso made fun of you this evening.

Mimirin: [yawns] I know. [yawns again] Can you please worship my feet to help me sleep? It is our bedtime because it is now 8:30 P.M.

Shimajirō: Yes, Mimirin.

[Shimajirō Shimano felt extremely sorry for Mimirin Midorihara due to Ratso Catso making fun of her and began nicely massaging her feet.]

[Mimirin Midorihara felt her body immediately beginning to relax as she saw Shimajirō Shimano nicely massaging her feet, pressing his thumbs gently against the soft soles before him.]

[Mimirin Midorihara wiggled her toes cutely as Shimajirō Shimano continued massaging her feet with pure kindness, causing her to moan with pure delight.]

Mimirin: [begins moaning with pleasure] Ooooooooh...Shimajirō. This is so nice.

[Mimirin Midorihara happily wiggled her toes again as Shimajirō Shimano continues massaging her feet with heavenly pleasure. She seems to be extremely exhausted. Poor thing.]

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