• David as Ratso Catso
  • Eric as Moe
  • Simon as Joe
  • Jennifer as Custard
  • Ivy as Shimajirō Shimano
  • Shy Girl as Mimirin Midorihara and Marurin Sasaki
  • Emma as Kikko Hayashida, Nyakkii Momoyama, Sakurako Koinuma and Kumakki Mashiro
  • Kimberly as Kento Koshiba, Kirinta Kusano and Monta Kimura


Ratso Catso: I am going to see Wonder Woman with Moe and Joe!

Moe: Hi, little black and white friend, what's your name?

Ratso Catso: My name is Ratso Catso!

Joe: Well, nice to meet you!

Ratso Catso: Thank you, and how did you two come back to life?

Joe: Well, back in 2015, Me, Joe, Warren, Eddie K, Bobbyispoopy, Nathan Pearson, Zara, Erika, Gage, Keith, Pedro, Edro, Dora, Andy Panda, Penny, Mitch, Jamie, Kumi, Ivy, Caillou, DeLorean, Memy9909, Aaron, Stephen, Maya, Mike, Dylan, Rob, Alex, Brandi and the Friends, Ron, Adelaide, Leila, Videogamenerd1000, Noddy and Alice got executed after we got in dead meat and held back, but SallyJones1998 revived us along with our friends with 1 up mushrooms. Me, Moe and our friends also got sent to the Nether World for escaping from South Korea by sending a note to Dallas and Terry from Adventures of Dallas to let them buy a helicopter and take us home but Pedro, Edro, Moe and I got revived again by COC* A EGG U R.

Ratso Catso: COC* A EGG U R, Pedro and Edro? I have never heard of those people before.

Joe: Well, Pedro and Edro are two Mexican boys who keep uploading sex tapes and COC* A EGG U R looks up porn stuff, kills innocent people, and has a pet elephant. But anyways, let's go see Wonder Woman together!

Moe: Good idea, Joe!

[After the movie]

Ratso Catso: That's was a great movie made by Warner Bros. and DC Comics!

[Custard appears with Jazzi, Noodle, Foo, and Ka-Chung driving on the Zoomer and the siren is blaring on the Zoomer]

[Custard's close-up shot of his eyes is shown]

Moe: Uh oh, it's Custard, Jazzi, Noodle, Foo, and Ka-Chung from The Save-Ums!

Custard: Moe, Joe and Ratso Catso, how dare you see Wonder Woman? That movie is made by Warner Bros.! You're banned from everything made by Warner Bros.! That's it! I'm calling your parents over the phone and they will get Shimajirō Shimano and his friends and classmates beat you three up severely!

(Script in progress)

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