Cast Edit

Lawrence as Ratbeard

Kayla as Ratbeard's punishment voice

Diesel as Ratbeard's Dad

Princess as Amber Barwick

Transcript Edit

Ratbeard: I am going to make fun of Amber Barwick's voice

Ratbeard: Hahahahahahahahaha!

Amber Barwick: Ratbeard! How dare you make fun of my new voice since my old voice is kayla! That's it! Your Dad is coming right now!

Ratbeard's Dad: Ratbeard! How dare you make fun of Amber Barwick's voice! That's it! You are grounded forever! As your punishment, I will change your voice to Kayla!

Ratbeard: (now speaking in Kayla's voice) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Change it back! Change it back! Change it back!

Ratbeard's Dad: No! You will keep your voice as Kayla forever, When we get home, You will go to your room while I order Aladdin on DVD off from Amazon


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