Transcript Edit

  • Sapphire: Okay Class, Today is have a to Change on the Test.
  • (Pudge gets Little Finger to Teacher and Tell)
  • Sapphire: What to you want, Pudge?
  • Pudge: Can I use the Bathroom.
  • Sapphire: Okay, and don't get Cut school, understand.
  • Pudge: Yes, Teacher
  • (Pudge is Cut the School, change to Headquarters to Middle East TV Networks, and change to children from SpaceToon TV).
  • Pudge: Now, I Going to Change to Middle East on SpaceToon Headquarters.
  • Pudge: There i Go.
  • Sapphire: Now, Where the Pudge, I Going to check out and see what happened.
  • (Miss Teacher's Sapphire is Shocked, and look here everybody from Kimba, Young Tod, Oliver, Young Simba, Marie and Sagwa and i want to the some channel childrens on SpaceToon Headquarters.)
  • Sapphire: What The, What are you all doing here?
  • Young Tod: We're Here have a children from Space Toon Headquarters?
  • Sapphire: No! That's is Not Space Toon headquarters, and Is not the channels, is a highschool.
  • Oliver: I Want this Channel children an Middle East, On Space Toon.
  • Sapphire: Really? I Going see or not?
  • Sapphire: What The Fuck? Somebody put the Space Toon Headquarters and sign channels from highschool?
  • Sapphire: Pudge, Get Over Here Right Now!
  • Pudge: What is it, Miss Sapphire?
  • Sapphire: do you put the TV Networks from Space Toon Headquarters?
  • Pudge: Yyyyyyyyyyyyyes?
  • Sapphire: (Wise Guy) Pudge, How dare you put the TV channels from space toon headquarters from the highschool!!
  • Sapphire: That's It! Go Home Now you fuckin busted.
  • Danny: Pudge, We Can't Believe you put on the Space Toon Heaquarters and put the highschool, That's it.
  • Sawyer: (Belle) You are Grounded Grounded Grounded, and tell get Executed from April 9, 2017, Go To Bed right Now!
  • Pudge: Thanks, motherfucker, next time i kill you too. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

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