This is a grounded video by Elephant012.


Warren Cook gets in trouble for tickle torturing Custard.



Part 1: Warren tickle tortures Custard with a featherEdit

Warren: Man. I am so bored. What am I going to do instead of sitting watching The Save-Ums on Discovery Kids? I know. I'll kidnap Custard and tickle his feet because he won't let me buy Toy Story on DVD.

(Cut to: Save-Um Central, outside, GoAnimate City.)

[It is 12:15 P.M. and Custard is training at Save-Um Central to fight off bad guys in GoAnimate City.]

Warren: Right then, Custard, this time, I am going to kidnap you.

[Custard's close-up shot of his eye is shown]

Custard: (in his TV show voice) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Warren: (in Captain Underpants' voice) Tra La Laaa! (changes to Brian voice) You, are now trapped, now can you make fake VHS openings?

Custard: No, that is not going to work.

Warren: Okay, I am gonna tickle torture you because you are not wearing shoes and socks.

(Warren then grabs out a feather)

Warren: Okay then, tickle torture time in three two one!

[Warren began to tickle Custard's feet with the feather, he doesn't like it at all!]

Custard: (laughs in his TV show voice)

(20 minutes later)

Warren: Now, can you make 2 fake VHS openings?!

Custard: Never! You stupid boy!

Warren: Okay, you ask for it!

[Warren began to tickle Custard's feet with the feather and it made him laugh even harder! That poor 4 year old cat-eared Save-Um can't take that tickle torture any longer! Warren will be in serious trouble for this!]

Custard: (laughs in his TV show voice)

Jazzi: Don't worry, Custard. I'm here to protect you!

Azura: And as for you, Warren Cook, you are in dead meat now!

[Azura and the Save-Ums angrily surrounded Warren and began violently pummeling him. This action is censored.]

Part 2: My Melody Blesses CustardEdit

Custard: Jazzi, thanks for saving me.

Jazzi: You're welcome, sweetie.

[Custard and Jazzi hugged and kissed each other right on the lips.]

[My Melody nicely blessed Custard]