Primavera Gets A Bad Grade is another video of the Primavera series.


Transcript Edit

Mrs.Christina: Okay class, Now it's time to give out your report card (hands out report cards)

Horrid Henry: Yay! I got All A's!

Sour Susan: Not bad, I got 2 B's

Rude Ralph! Okay, I got 3 C's

Primavera: Noooooooooo! I got all F's

Mrs. Christina: Now you may display your cards to your parents

Diesel: Is this true Primavera that you got All F's

Primavera: Yes it's true

Kimberly: We can't believe you got all F's

Diesel: That's so it, you are grounded for 1 day

Kimberly: Go to your room

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