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Cast Edit

  • Primavera- Princess
  • Primavera's mom- Kimberly
  • Primavera's dad- Diesel
  • Horrid Henry- David
  • Moody Margaret- Emma
  • Sour Susan- Princess
  • Gorgeous Gurinder- Julie
  • Rude Ralph- Young Guy
  • Natasha- Julie
  • Jessica Lane- Julie
  • samster5677- Paul
  • GoPlushy- Brian
  • Cattie- Amy
  • Mrs. Christina- Amy
  • Taylor JoliCoeur- Salli
  • Haruhi Suzumiya- Kayla
  • ElPatron036- Steven
  • LazyTown&SSGFanatic Est. 2003- Samantha
  • Horrid Henry's Mom- Bridget
  • Horrid Henry's dad- Simon
  • Perfect Peter- Justin
  • Mrs. Oddbod- Bridget
  • Kimee- Princess
  • Curtis- Joey
  • Shaun- Steven
  • Karla- Amy
  • Jenn- Julie
  • Foo- Ivy
  • Ka-Chung- Amy
  • Custard- Jennifer
  • Jazzi- Emma
  • B.B. Jammies- Shy Girl
  • Noodle- Kendra


Transcript (Part 1) (Trouble Strikes and Grounding) Edit

Mrs. Christina: Okay class, It's time for the Impossible English Grammar Test. It will measure how good can you speak English

Primavera; Oh my god, I forgot to study

Mrs. Christina: Oh I forgot that I am going to have a bathroom break. Good luck on your test. And remember, No cheating

Primavera: Now I've got a chance! Mwahahahahaha! (looks at Horrid Henry's paper)

Horrid Henry: Hey, what do you think you're doing, That's it, I'm gonna wait for Mrs. Christina to return from the comfort room.

Mrs. Christina: What's all the commotion about?

Horrid Henry: Primavera attempted cheating on my paper.

Moody Margaret: She also attempted to steal it

Sour Susan: Yeah, stole it.

Mrs. Christina: Primavera! How could you be that insane during fair exams! That's it! Report to the headteacher's office right now!

Mrs. Oddbod: So Primavera, what brought you here?

Primavera: I cheated on Horrid Henry's test

Mrs. Oddbod: (changes voice to Scary Voice) Primavera, we don't cheat on exams. That's it, Go home now!

Kimberly: Primavera, I just found out that you cheated on Horrid Henry's test. Is that true?

Primavera: Yes

Diesel: Primavera, how dare you cheat on Horrid Henry's test. That's it you are grounded for 534753465464647464464666666666666666666666 years and we will call the visitors.

Part 2 (Anger of Visitors) Edit

Kimberly: Primavera, we have visitors to see you

Horrid Henry; I'm Horrid Henry, And how dare you cheat on my grammar test. And how dare you reduce my chance of getting the highest score on the test.

Moody Margaret: I'm Margaret. And how could you be cheating on every fair and hard tests, Next time if you cheat, I will punch your mouth.

Sour Susan: Yeah! Punch your mouth

Gorgeous Gurinder: I'm Gurinder. And I'm prettier than you. And don't you even dare call me the N word.

Rude Ralph: I'm Ralph and next time if you injure Gurinder or Henry, We will send you to Iraq

Natasha: I'm Natasha, and you are such a douchebag. No wonder why I had a power of swearing.

Jessica Lane: I'm Jessica Lane. And don't you ever think of getting near Robin Hood and his friends.

samster5677: I'm samster5677, And if you tell GoAnimate about Requestly, I will spank you with a belt with fire and spikes.

GoPlushy: And if you become GoAnimate's pet and a snitch about using Comedy World with Requestly and ruin or business, I am forcing you to watch Jeff the Killer attack you

Cattie: I'm Cattie. And I will use my dad's belt to smack your face.

Mrs.Christina: I'm Mrs. Christina and I will force you to go to summer school.

Taylor JoliCouer: I'm Taylor JoliCouer, And next time you do bad stuff again, I will burn you with a candelabra.

Haruhi Suzumiya: I'm Haruhi. And if you edit my works at school, You will be poured with water on on your head.

Kimee: I'm Kimee. Cheating off people's tests isn't good.

Curtis: I'm Curtis. I agree with Kimee.

Shaun: I'm Shaun. I agree with other two.

Karla: I'm Karla. I agree with other three.

Jenn: I'm Jennifer. I agree with other four.

ElPatron036: And if you sneak out of the house to stalk me in my house: I will spank you with a really hot and fire belt with very sharp spikes and with caterpillars on.

LazyTown&SSGFanatic Est. 2003: And if you call me a crybaby, I will force you to listen to Ed Sheeran's music in the loudest speaker.

Foo: I'm Foo.

Ka-Chung: I'm Ka-Chung.

Custard: I'm Custard.

Jazzi: I'm Jazzi.

B.B. Jammies: Me B.B. Jammies.

Noodle: And I'm Noodle and we're the Save-Ums, we're so mad you cheated off the test.

(Punishments Part 3) Edit

Horrid Henry: First punishment, You will be forced to watch educational shows for the rest of your life.

Margaret: Second punishment, You will be forced to join the Secret Club

Gorgeous Gurinder: Third punishment, you will be forced to listen to Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Cascada, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and other music not made by Rebecca Black.

Rude Ralph: Fourth punishment, We will change your voice to Jennifer.

Primavera: Nooooo! My voice is Jennifer. I don't want to speak like Custard! Change it back to Princess! Please

Jazzi: We will not change your voice back, this is what you will get for cheating on Horrid Henry's test.

Custard: Besides, you will stay as Jennifer's voice until you die by my chainsaw.

Natasha: Fifth punishment, You will get forced to watch Jessica Lane's channel for 5 hours straight.

Jessica Lane: Sixth punishment, You will be forced to watch movies such as Moana, Beauty and the Beast 2017, Robin Hood, and The Rescuers.

samster5677: Seventh punishment, Next time you change your voice back, I will call Fred so he can concuss you.

GoPlushy; Eighth punishment, You will be spanked

Primavera: Ouch! (20x)

Cattie: Ninth punishment, you will be forced to play with Barbie dolls

Taylor JoliCouer: Tenth punishment, You will watch Taylor's Series Saga

Haruhi: Eleventh punishment, You will watch my show.

Kimee: Twelfth punishment, watch our show.

ElPatron036: Thirteenth punishment: You will watch Thomas and friends in Dutch and English

LazyTown&SSGFanatic Est. 2003: Fourteenth punishment, you will be forced to play Tomodachi Life.

Jazzi: Fiveteenth punishment, watch my show for the rest of your life.


Finale Edit

Kimberly: We would normally say go to your room now. But we would say witness the media the visitors forced you to.

Primavera: (cries like Elizabat from The Save-Ums)

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