Pam's dad-Steven

Pam's mom-Salli




This focuses on the Strait family. Anyways, Tina and Emily want to see Inside Out but their little sister Pam keeps on delaying them.  Later, Chris and Jordan notice what just happened earlier.


Pam's dad: Pam, we are going to see Inside Out because your sisters Tina and Emily want to see it.

Pam: No! I don't want to go to that movie!

Pam's mom: We are seeing that movie and that's final! Now let's get in the bus!

(in bus)

Pam: Mom and Dad, I don't want to see the movie!

Pam's dad: Pam Strait, we are seeing the movie and that's final!

Pam: I want Burger King!

Pam's mom: We are not having Burger King but you can have some snacks when we get there!

Pam: I'm really hungry!

Tina: Fine!

Emily: But make it quick!

(after Pam made excuses they were late)

Pam's dad: Oh great! We're already late for the movie! All we wanted to do was see the movie but no! You installed us! The movie is almost over! (applause) Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Pam, that's it! We're going home!

(at home with Chris and Jordan)

Chris: Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.

Jordan: I agree with Chris.

Pam's mom: Chris and Jordan, you don't have to be sorry. It wasn't your faults.

Pam's dad: We should have told your little sister no but we couldn't. Now Emily and Tina are crying.

Emily: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Tina: We didn't get to see the movie!

Pam's dad: See, that's all they can think of. Just the movie.

Chris: Emily and Tina, Jordan and I know the better way we can cheer you up.

Emily: You do?

Jordan: We can go to Breakers Water Park, which is in Tucson, AZ.

Tina: Great idea.

(at water park)

Emily: That made my life better.

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