Overdrive Ostrich as he appears in Goanimate and Megaman X2

Swift Runner of the Sandy Plains


Mega Man X2 stats

Height: 255 cm (8'4")

Weight: 152 kg (335 lbs)

Power: 3800rp

Speed: 9900rp

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Overdrive Ostrich (also called Sonic Ostreague in Japan) is one of the eight selectable boss Reploids in Mega Man X2. A former member of the Maverick Hunters, he was once part of the 7th Aerial Unit but was forced into retirement after an accident cost him his flying ability. However, Sigma sought to recruit Overdrive for his Reploid rebellion and Overdrive was eager to offer his services to spite his former comrades. In MMX2, Overdrive was tasked with taking over a missile silo and launching its last remaining warhead at Maverick Hunter HQ. Mega Man X was able to stop the missile and then proceeded to take out Overdrive.


Overdrive Rush - Overdrive runs directly at his opponent and rams them, sending them flying. In a similar move, he hops across the terrain and delivers a powerful kick.

Sonic Slicer - Overdrive fires a circular blade of sonic energy that can cut through enemies and reflect off solid surfaces. This weapon can also be charged and then fired into the air, then rain down as five energy blades. X can copy this weapon and can use its charged version with his X2 Armor equipped.

Voice: Kidaroo

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