O'Hare is a cranky ( changed to smug ) villager who always behaves. Much like Bruce, he always shows an interest in Coloring Books and Toys. He likes Carrots which makes him a healthy eater. He hates bad people much like other smug villagers. His sister is Kathleen who is also a good person, and his brother is Gaston who is always very mean to people. It is unknown that he is a fairy due to his wings.

Appearence: Edit

He wears a white vest with green pajama pants and blue slippers. He has light purple hair and has light purple wings. Due to his wings, he may be mistaken for a fairy.

Voice: Edit

Given a cranky ( changed to smug ) villager, he has the David voice.

More Info: Edit

Likes: Carrots, Coloring Books, Toys, and more.

Dislikes: Bad people like Static.